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Are you a horse lover and you play horse games? Sign up for free on Horzer, a free horse and pony game to adopt a virtual horse or pony and play with it.

Feed and take care of your virtual horse, look after it and keep it healthy. Go for horse rides with your companion and do the other equestrian activities to improve your horse!

Prove your skills as a horse owner in the equestrian shows and other competitions to show off your magnificent creatures!

Breed with other player's horses to get adorable little ponies to play with.

Manage your own stables and look after the horses and ponies left in your care!

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Take care of the horses belonging to other breeders in your equestrian center and help them grow and progress every day.
Take care of the horses belonging to other breeders in your equestrian center and help them grow and progress every day.
The sanctuary - Adopt a horse or pony
This horse is abandoned! Sign up to become its owner and look after it. Play with the abandoned horses in the game and take them in.
 Friesian Horse
 6 months
 Capacity: 399.84
 Level: 0

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The Market - Purchase a horse: auction or flat price
 Only 1 days, 21 h, 27 min left to adopt this horse!
 Breeder: Michellek
 Connemara Pony
 1 years and 2 months
 Capacity: 399.53
 Level: 0
Connemara Pony breed horse for sale
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