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 It's the_seal_lover!!!!! I missed you nice Horzerers soooo much that I returned for you all.

And my horses.

And my progress.

And my equestrian centre.

And the groups.

And the honour of my Heartwarming Horses.

And my top class Hanoverian breeding business.


Okay, I admit it, I missed everything about Horzer... Except the unapologised player who made my time on Horzer tough earlier! 


But anyways... Onto the more important stuff.



  1. 1. About me

2. Horzer goals


3. My amazing friends


4. Other games


5. Destiny Stables


6. Heartwarming Horses


7. Horses

a) Hanoverians

b) American Paints

c) Arabians

d) Friesians

e) Holstieners

f) Camargues

g) Belgians

h) Appaloosas

i) Connemaras

j) Donkeys

k) Boers

l) Standardbreds


8. Groups

a) Epdah Club

b) the_seal_lover

c) Updating an iPad


9. Dealerships

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b) Selling my horses

c) Adopting horses for you

d) Training horses for you


10. The Seal Gallery


11. Everything else!


Hi! I'm the_seal_lover, more commonly known as Seal, Seal Lover, once Lover but thank goodness I have never been referred to as The. If you're into the technical bit of Horzer, don't bother reading this because it is full of unprofessional sealness.


I am a proud Aussie girl who is obsessed with seals, horses and fennec foxes. I am between the age of 5-25. I ride a luvly Camargue stallion named Beau who belongs to a friend of mine's farm. I am slightly crazy at times but my feelings do get hurt quite easily, so please watch what you say.


Random fact: New Zealand fur seals are native to Australia as well as New Zealand.


~Please keep in mind I have 162 friends at time of writing~


I care about all my friends! I really do. But here are some of the people who stand out and are really, really important to me (in no particular order). Don't be offended if you're not included- why would I have sent you a friend request if I didn't like you? If you really care about being on here and you're not included, just do something amazing for me and I'll put you on!



Horzer's only moderator? Sneasel has all this responsibility yet she is a very funny person and a great friend.


Izziebrown is definitely one of the most friendly people on Horzer. And her groups?! Just take a look at how many groups she has. That is dedication for you.


Whenever I'm feeling upset on Horzer, 2horses is the first to ask if I'm alright. Thank you for all the sweet words, my friend, and the great RPs too!


When I found out Moonlightgirl was leaving, I wanted to leave too. She has been so caring, kind and stable (unlike me) and I will miss my BHF soooooooo much.


I met sasha2.0 on Oceanzer, and she looked after me and made sure I settled in, and I introduced her to Horzer. We exchanged so many PMs!! She loves a chat.


When I only had about 30 coinz, agapegrace gave me a lot of money to get me back on my feet. She has always been very dedicated to her game as well.


I've forgotten the amount of times Amber2610 has helped me out!! She gave me Maxwell when he was just a colt! She's always looked out for me.


A happy player who is very nice to chat with! Pixieaz wasn't your average Just Joined Horzerer. She was part of the community straight away.


daisydog1234 is the All Rounder friend! She's a good amount of everything, and I'm so happy she's on my friend list.


Freyda is another friend who has always been kind to me. She is very dedicated with her EC and I admire that so much.


Where do I start with Ruffianfan? She is loyal, happy to chat and always a friend I can rely on for help. I don't know what I'd do without Ruffy!


I really admire Chelsea1111 for many reasons, mainly because we have so many things in common! She is a happy person and that makes me happy.


Sussuration is one of the funniest and most interesting people on here! She has the coolest pet (hi Spike!) and she is such a great person in general.


As most of you know, she is my real life sister. But did you know she joined because I was begging and begging her? If this girl’s online, have a chat. It will be worth it!


She’s the girl who helped us all realise what’s happening to Dreamzer’s unused games, she’s great at RP, she’s really kind- yep, I’m talking about you, Horses!


william123m is such a funny player who is always up for a good chat! He is making progress on Horzer so well, and is happy to try new things.


We have been friends on here for so long now. Sophie1239 and I became friends to try to get a horse with every breed (Moonlit Stable) and even though it didn’t work out, it created our amazing friendship.


A while ago now, Jasmine_heart was given a 5% chance of survival after she was diagnosed with cancer. Did she give up? No! Is she still a really kind person? Yes!


Oh KyraMeg... my funny, fabulous friend who always manages to delete her accounts by accident. I miss you so much Kyra- you didn’t give up for a loooong time!!


I’m on so many games I’ve kind of lost track of them! These games here are the games, both PC and apps, that I play. If you find someone who you think is me on a game, please let me know- there are other games I am a member of yet I don’t play.





Horzer International

Oceanzer International

Horse World Online


Draw Something

Fight List

4 Pics 1 Word


 Animal Jam

Animal Jam- Play Wild!




Heh heh.


Destiny Stables is my equestrian centre. It has peaked at 3 in the rankings, but is now out of action due to insufficiant funds. If anyone would like to assist me reopen it by enrolling their horses in it, please PM me.


Shoutouts to Izziebrown and ReganAdam for saving DS in the past!



I’m working on putting a small history of my horses into Heartwarming Horses’ page, this is just more information about my breeds.



Anyone looking at my horses closely may or may not realise how high my Hanoverian capacity is. Thanks to Amber2610 and the sanctuary, I have very good Hanoverians.


Amber2610 gave me Maxwell, who I trained to where he is now. I found Dakota in the sanctuary. She was abandoned with terrible health and old age.


Sorry, my Hanoverians (that I own) are not for sale unless they’re on the market. They are never up for breeding, with the exception of Izziebrown who is my Hanoverian breeding partner after I gave her Brittany. I will breed a Hanoverian foal if you are my friend in the game (as in, we are friendly, not just a friend request) and you are willing to pay the fair price.


Breeding partner: Izziebrown


American Paints

Pinty was my first horse in the game, and Diamond in the Rough was purchased off the market and given her beautiful coat. American Paints are one of my favourite types of horses in real life and this goes for the game too.


American Paints I own are not for sale unless they are on the market. They are never up for breeding, with the exception of Pixieaz as she is my American Paint breeding partner. I will breed you an American Paint if you are a reasonably good friend in the game.


Breeding partner: Pixieaz



Most of my horses on the game are Arabians, which is funny because they are another one of my favourite breeds in real life! My first Arabians were from the market, Captain and Black Star. Blanco was purchased later and I got Belle from the Sanctuary. 


Arabian foals I own may be on sale if you ask, but my adults are not on sale unless they are on the market. They are never up for breeding... Moonlightgirl was my Arabian breeding partner but because huge tear she is no longer active on the game, 2horses is my current breeding partner and Moonlightgirl could still be my partner as well. I will breed good friends an Arabian. 


Breeding partner: Moonlightgirl and 2horses



I used to have a Friesian project going, but I don’t anymore... therefore Friesians aren’t one of my main breeds. 


Friesian foals are probably for sale if you ask. At time of writing I do not have any Friesians for breeding, therefore I cannot breed you a new foal or organise a breeding.


Breeding partner: .........................



Let’s just say, I’m not famous for Holstieners... BUT, with the help of my breeding partner haleyridesfrank, I hope to have Holstieners soon!


Sales, breedings and foals are not available currently.


Breeding partner: haleyridesfrank



I would really like to have more progress with my Camargues!! I only have one currently (Beau), but I plan to get a strong breeding program happening. Camargues are another of my favourite breeds.


Sales and foals are not available currently. They are never up for breeding unless you are my breeding partner, but as I have no breeding partner... you better get applying.


Breeding partner: ....................



I am doing really well in Belgians if I say so myself, and they are my favourite rare breed. Bulletproof started my craze when I got him in my 30 presence days lucky bag, with Gem following. The rest are all bred by me!


Sadly, I cannot breed you or sell you a Belgian because of the Bonus Breeds rule. They are never up for breedings. Sorry. I’m doing this one by myself.



Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think my Appaloosas are in a very good state currently. I have beautiful horses, but none of them are fully trained.


No breedings/sales/foals are possible, but I would really like a breeding partner.


Breeding partner: ..................



I am doing very well with my Connemaras! I have so many beauties I can’t name them all. So many nice horses, yet no breeding partner! 


Connemara foals are probably not for sale and adults never are. They are never up for breeding, with the exception of my breeding partner. I am happy to breed good friends a Connemara.


Breeding partner: ...................






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 Only friends of the_seal_lover can post here.
  Trotscare - 4 days ago
Well done and congratulations! I don't know what you get for a whopping 500 days! Can you tell me what it is? :)   Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 5 h and 56 min ago:
I actually don’t know.., I still haven’t recieved it :(  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 11 h and 57 min ago:
Oh... I have just reached 365 days!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - 4 days ago
the_seal_lover celebrates 500 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 21 h and 21 min ago:
Wait, I've just realised why you get the prizes usually a day late: because horzer is in French time, and you are 8+ to them! but you probably already guessed that XD  Comment
 Dreamzer - 9 days ago
Happy birthday the_seal_lover!   Comment
 Izziebrown - 10 days ago
Happy Birthday! Is it still your birthday? XD I haven't been on for 2 days, so I don't know ;) Horzer says it is, but they're in French time soo....   Comment
 2horses - 10 days ago
Happy Birthday!!!   Comment
 Moonlightgirl - 14 days ago
Hey Seal... I just came on because it's like 9:30 at night for me in little old NZ. And I started thinking about the good old days.. Around when u gave me Tender Heart... It's seems so long ago. so many of Blaze's family lives on it the current legacy.. Blaze, Blaze's Honor, Nightlight, Jasper, Dancing Pride and Almost Over... All of them after Honor were from mares and stallions you bred..   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 4 months ago
the_seal_lover celebrates 400 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 21 h and 31 min ago:
Yay! *takes out mouldy cake from 14 years ago from frigde and offers*  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 7 h and 15 min ago:
*Looks suspiciously at it and notices it's a mouldy wedding cake* Thanks! I was surprised XD  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 8 h and 41 min ago:
*Offers it to her again and then looks dreamily at it... And eats it!* (bleughhh) XD  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 4 h and 28 min ago:
*Offers a bucket to throw up in* Um... You're welcome to it XD  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 49 min ago:
*misses and lands on an unfortunate seal*  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 7 h and 15 min ago:
Uh oh! Btw how are you managing to see my wall without previously posting? I can't see it at all. Actually, when I was on my laptop I saw it.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 38 min ago:
I can't see until I post a blank message (for some reason it doesn't include any blank posts ;))  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 41 min ago:
Weird...  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 43 min ago:
But then there's not really any point! Sign the horzer guestbook in FD if you haven't already! :)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 19 min ago:
I'm trying to sign it but I can't figure out the link thing still! I saw it on your BP but it doesn't make sense. I have a girl guide camp next week ;)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 18 h and 54 min ago:
I go to Girls Brigade ;D That's cool... Let me try again..  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 18 h and 54 min ago:
Actually, you can't really do it on ipad..  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 5 min ago:
That's why it isn't working! I've been banned from my iPad Wednesday to Monday and it's finally Monday!!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 8 min ago:
Oh, so that's why I thought you had forgotten us ;) XD  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 5 h and 44 min ago:
Nope! I could never forget you! XD  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 21 h and 7 min ago:
Guess who's 3rd in visit rankings? *nods head in direction*  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 5 h and 23 min ago:
Me??? *Checks rankings* Woah, I am too! And you're first!!!!!! Good job Izzie! I always knew you would be the most popular person on Horzer. Wow. Trojan Empire is coming 2nd?!?! No offence against them or anything but didnt they start Horzer about a week ago? Wow. Talk about overnight sensations!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 18 h and 42 min ago:
You're pretty popular too, but maybe because lots of people talk to you on groups that you have less visits? I don't know. And yeah!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 25 min ago:
When do people talk to me on groups? XD Apart from RP...  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 42 min ago:
Idk XD Go on AJPW plz!! I think Jazz is on.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 22 h and 53 min ago:
And also, I recommend maybe getting a map to see who usually visits and kinda where they are! You might find someone somewhere that you have NEVER seen on horzer before! And the 2nd place is also an exclusive breed breeder with like 14 breeds! That's more than me!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , and 2 h ago:
I dont really know how to put it on XD Sorry, you were online this morning and Jazz sent me a lot of jags, but I didn’t have time to read them or say hi because my sister got SCAMMED!! Being the amazing sister I am *nods humbly* I tracked them down, reported them and started yelling at them in front of a bunch of jammers. The stupid scammer denied it and said I was a liar! I’ll tell you the full details of the story when you reply.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 10 h and 16 min ago:
Oh my! That's terrible!! I still don't understand how you can scam someone in animal jam! If you get to her before I do, please tell her I'm very sorry!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 32 min ago:
I told her ;) So, my sister was asking around Jamaa Township for a flower crown. Then, a Jammer called Lillyangelgirl29 said to my sister, "I'll trade you my flower crown for your rare raccoon tail." My sister got really excited. Then Lillyangel told my sister she was going to trade her bad for her raccoon tail, then they would go to Lillyangel's den and my sister would trade bad for the flower crown. My sister was suspicious and said so, but Lillyangel said "I promise I will do it I am kind." So my sister traded bad for her rare raccoon tail and waited at Lillyangel's den. Lillyangel unbuddied my sister, ran away with her raccoon tail and kept her flower crown. Now, my sister started crying, so I went and found out the story and I confronted Lillyangel. I know! I'll upload the screen recording with what I said to her (I wasn't recording when I actually did it, but anyways) to Horzer sometime soon. Please report her for scamming!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 12 h and 16 min ago:
I will!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 12 h and 19 min ago:
I reported her and I blocked them to make sure that it didn't happen to me :)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 45 min ago:
Thanks Izzie ;)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 21 h and 58 min ago:
it's OK!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 8 min ago:
Hi Seal, I have been trying to reply to your message to me on Izzie's wall. Izzie has a bug on her wall that forbids posting on her wall! I hope that this works! Just want to say Hello to you and Izzie both! Hello! Also, I want to tell you, Izzie, that I am active on Horzer every day, to answer your PM. I don't do a lot, but I am here. :) And I will role play if you ask me. Always. And join groups. Congratulations to you Seal for your 400 Prescence Days! I just hit 300! Finally, Seal, thank you so much for voting for all of those horses of mine. I have been meaning to thank you for this for a long time!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 52 min ago:
One more thing, Seal, that is the main thing that I actually wanted to say originally (and I forgot. Sorry.). Your little sister is lucky to have a big sister like you to stick up for her. I hope your and your sister's endeavour to have this put right on Animal Jam works out the way you want. I wish you all the best with it. I tried to post this a couple of hours ago when I posted the other comment, but someone needed the McDonalds laptop more urgently than me, it seemed, and so I passed it over to them. Izzie and Seal, I have been looking for Christmas presents and listening to Eminem and Taylor Swift. I hope all is well with you both. What have you both been up to?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 55 min ago:
Stuff Xd  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 48 min ago:
Reading a crazy "romance" about a wife breaking up with her husband after her own stupidity of inventing a "game" of asking each other who else they fancy. It is so silly and leads to the break up of their marriage. Thankfully, only a made up story. Or is it?  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 34 min ago:
Sounds... Interesting XD Thanks Trots, but I think I may overreact a bit whenever my sister gets scammed or bullied both on Animal Jam and in the real world XD I track them down and give them as fierce talking to! What am I doing? Getting ready for Christmas! Yesterday I went sailing (in strong winds, so much fun) but before that my sister and I bought Christmas window stickers (mine are of Santa and his sleigh and my sister's say Merry Christmas) and we bought mini Christmas trees each and mini decorations and tinsel to go with them! I don't know about you two, but but in Australia most of the towns and cities have Carols by Candlelight, where performers (such as my sister's school choir but most performers are adults) sing carols or Christmas songs and everybody sings along. I got all dressed up in my penguin jumper (it was actually cold!!), Santa hat and Christmas stocking earrings. Every year Santa comes to give out lollies... in a fire truck! XD Starting today, this is the last week of school for the year. Sad to see everyone quitting Horzer D:  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 42 min ago:
Yes, in the UK we have Carols by Candlelight, don't we Trots? But I never go to them XD I have to tidy my whole room before we even put up any lights or stickers for xmas D: And really? Tomorrow I've got a week of school and then two extra days where we are doing lots of craft and stuff :p  Comment
 Moonlightgirl - , , and 8 h ago:
Good job Seallover.. Just went on to check on Tender Heart, Autumn, Night, Honor and my other horses and checked your page. Congrats  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 4 h and 52 min ago:
Thanks Moonlight ;) Miss you every day D:  Comment