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Job: Breed club president. Unemployed
Founder of the Stardust Academy equestrian center
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     Sooo... first get your image and save it to your computer. Then upload your pic to horzer (I'm guessing you know how to do that? 


Then right click the image once you've saved your page. Click copy web address. Then post in your forum or whatever '[IMG]here goes your web address![/IMG] For some it's different but for horzer that's the code ;)










PitaPata - (4yG2)

     Upcoming Events: Wednesday (my exam results!)



Summary of my game:


Hello, as you may have figured, my username is Izziebrown. It's inspired by the main character in my favourite horse series by Stacy Greg - Pony Club Secrets. You can call me Izzie Brown, Iz, Izzie or Izadora. Izadora is my whole name but it's pretty long, hehe... Anyways, I'm aged between 8 and 20, I live somewhere in this galaxy in the United Kingdom in England (you don't know where that is? You should definitely look it up. It's where the language you are reading is from - hence England, English... that's about it. Soo... you want to know about my game? Alrighty... I will breed you a horse that you'd like, as long as I am able to (for example, I won't if there is a bug that makes me unable to give birth if I don't have the ability to breed etc). I will definitely look at a possible horse that I might buy. However, please do not be offended if I do not end up buying it. This will probably be because one of the following reasons: you have way more money than me (and I mean way), I already have a higher capped horse, with a higher level, same gender and same breed, the horse is not purebred (unless it is a breed I don't have), it's a foal of a breed I have in female already... there might be more, but that's it for now... Btw, I'm not a fan of the new £... but then I don't like any change. Haha, gotcha there :P Back to where we were... 


I will give you a loan of up to 3,000 coinz, depending on my balance. However, I will ask for a interest fee, which I will count for. For good friends, this will be reduced.




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Harvey Purebred Connemara Male



1.I am friendly, go send that random friend request I have been waiting to send it for the past 5 seconds! I won't bite, you don't have to worry! ( or do you????:verymad: MMWWUUAAHAHAHAHA!!!) 

3. you skipped #2

4. you checked to see if there was a #2

5. There wasn't.

6. You are wondering what's next 

7. You feel creeped out that I can predict what you think.

8. You're trying to come up with something this good to put on your page.

9.You are reading this.

10. What I am gonna say next is mean and you shouldn't read it.

11. You read it anyway, even though I told you not to! But the joke's on you! There is nothing mean here just me saying thanks for reading my page this far!!

12. After you saw the last bit, you wanted to post on my page to ask me if you can put it on your page.

13. I replied saying no.




13 reasons to add me as a friend:


1. I will surely vote for you and your horses. :)

2. I love to roleplay and we could have great fun on that side of things. ^^

3. I'll breed you horses if you like. :D

4. You can't post on my wall unless you become my friend. XD

5. I'll help you out with horzer if you are in need (e.g. buying a horse you accidentally sold for a real low price then selling back, breeding you a horse of the breed that your dead horse was) ;)

6. I'll answer your any questions.  ?_?

7. We could have a seriously random talk! ............

8. How long does it take to click that golden plus anyways? ^_^

9. I love animals, hopefully, you do two? ;-;

10. I get bored if no people are on who are my friends, you might go on when I am! :0

11. I like putting emojis incase you haven't figured by now. X'D

12. I'm on every dreamzer games.... and AJPW and AJ and mweor and howrse... and furrypaws...

13. *falls asleep* 




Guess what!? One of the visits on here is you!! Which star? Do you know? :p 



My  Friends: 

Yeah, I have 100+ so not everyone will be there. If I think that you have something original that I HAVE seen, I will put you up. Not in order of niceness, they are all great! Tell me if you feel bad for not being here, I gotcha back ;)


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I could go on and on about how amazing she is. I keep checking to see if she is on because I want to see if she has done anything to my RP! Seal loves to RP and is a great friend! She is also awesome for liking Enid Blyton and Stacy Gregg! She has made a Christmas card for me. Seriously, you should go friend her. We first met thanks to Katebackhouse's group when she sold me a horse! <3


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Such a good friend to me!! Eclipse is role-playing mad, which is so great and cool! Vote for her!





She is a great friend and loves to RP! She is also amazing for keeping up the memory of Blaze, her first horse. Moonlight is super cool and creative. I don't know what I could do without her and I'm super sorry to see her leave horzer.


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I know her in real life and she likes to RP! Although she often can overwrite, everyone knows that it is always heart - written.


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She is a really nice friend and she is quite loyal! She is very friendly and kind! She is sweet and she says I am her bestee! But she never comes on anymore :(...


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A great RP friend and also loves to chat! So many things about Dogzerchick are great, I don't have time to write!


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A great American paint breeder and loves to chat! Pix is a happy, helpful, considerate person to be around. If I could say only one thing about her, it's that she is kind as a horse.


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I could go on and on about stuff about 2horses! A great friend, who loves to RP! She is understanding and a great breeder also. There are many great things about her that I simply cannot describe.


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My friend in real life also Horselover is kind and likes to help! She is sympathetic and caring and lends a hand to anyone in trouble. If there is one thing that I had to say bad about her, it's that she can sometimes be too daring in trying to help! BTW, sorry that font didn't do numbers XD


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My first proper mentee and she is definitely doing well! She likes to RP also. I know her in real life. Jasmine has been through tough times but she is such a brave gal and she survived her illness ^^


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Pi is so cool! She's always helped me when I needed a horse. I would never have some of the horses I have now if it weren't for her. Thanks so much.


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Loong username, but honestly, Horses is such a great person. She's happy and friendly and honest. I could never replace her story lines in role play, she is also very creative at that! Three cheers for Horse!


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She's always helping me learn things I didn't know and will always answer a question, even if it's ridiculous. Thank you, Ti for sticking by me ;-;


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Sneasel helps so many people here on horzer & dogzer too. I would have a piece of dust's brain on horzer if it weren't for her XD 



Check out these links!






Other games:


I am on mweor, furry paws and all dreamzer games. I am on animal jam play wild and the internet! On the internet I am Loveanimals268 and on the app I am lovesanimals268! (Yeah... I kinda didn't know that you had one account for all...) On the internet I am a seal and a bunny and on the app I am a wolf and a bunny. I am on howrse as well! Please friend request me on all of them!


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Horses I am breeding:


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I will definitely breed you one! Also, I will always be a breeding partner if you have a good male! :) If you have a female, I will let you know if I have a good male! *-*

Details are in small at the bottom of my page!


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American Paint


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Don't get scammed - Here, I will provide a thoroughly detailed account of some tricks that scammers may do - if you have any others, please list them!

- If it's too good to be true, most likely it is.
Emmatheexampleplayer (E): Hey!
Sandrathescammer (S): Hallo. Would you like to send Pixie (your horse) over for 6 eternity rubies and 5 hourglasses of pegasus?
E: Uh... yeah! Nice deal!
S: Sure...!

Emma was cheated out of her horse - Sandra kept the horse and the bonuses. Emma shouldn't have trusted such a good deal!

- 'I lost my ____! Would you like to trade yours?'

E: Hey!
S: Hi... I'm upset because I lost a really good horse to a scammer.
E: I'm sorry to hear that!
S: Do you have one?
E: Well... I do...
S: I'd offer a helio's ray?
E: Sure! I'll send her and another horse over! Just make sure you add the bonus to my other horse and sell her back :)


Emma lost her horse to someone who was meant to be selling it back for a helio's ray. But, the point in this one is that - being sorry is very good and all that, but how do you know that they are telling the truth? Maybe if you know the person well, you can believe them... but a complete *stranger*?





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Arabian Horse foal - coat 7
French Trotter adult - coat 79
Appaloosa foal - coat 83
Holsteiner adult - coat 51
Grand noir du Berry Donkey adult - coat 51
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 Only friends of Izziebrown can post here.
 Izziebrown - 22 hours ago
 Trotscare - 1 day ago
I am so glad that somebody finally bought Star Of The Show off me today. :) The one you put your affix on. :)   Comment
 Izziebrown - 2 days ago
Izziebrown has founded the A Chat Story *roleplay* group   Comment
 Izziebrown - 3 days ago
 Trotscare - 4 days ago
When one of your Fresian purebred horses is over 50% NSI, please let me know.   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 1 min ago:
He already is!  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 10 h and 40 min ago:
Sure. So let me know! Who, where?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 24 min ago:
Shards of Glass  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 34 min ago:
I'll sort out as breeding.  Comment
 Trotscare - 6 days ago
Congratulations on the exam results! :)   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 40 min ago:
Thanks ;)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - 6 days ago
Ooh! That art design thing is a really nice, original idea Iz! Good job!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 54 min ago:
Haha thanks XD It was for mweor but I needed to get the web address to put it on the forums. But I guess I could do it here too....  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 55 min ago:
I still have no idea how to get web addresses, so I guess I will just sit back and admire your capability XD Have you seen all my forum posts? They all have the attached links because I am clueless on how to get them in properly and still coming up.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 56 min ago:
OK! I'll teach you! Watch my wall...  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 5 min ago:
Ok... Wall or BP?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 2 min ago:
bp..  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 24 min ago:
K  Comment
 the_seal_lover - 10 days ago
I'm gonna be picky here. Doesn't Kate have bobbed hair? :p   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 23 min ago:
Yeah, Well I couldn't find a good one at that moment ;)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 21 h and 18 min ago:
Ok XD  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 8 h and 54 min ago:
Ah, no, she grew it longer XD  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 48 min ago:
Oh yes, of course!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 49 min ago:
Heehee xd  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 51 min ago:
Btw, my wall is showing blank for me, so I can't see anything you said on there or reply to anything you said :(  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 54 min ago:
I think you have to post on your wall every time you want to see it :p I said 'Have you played slither.io? It's cool. The aim is to be the biggest snake XD'  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 4 h and 21 min ago:
Oh yeah I have that game! I love it.  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 51 min ago:
From now on, every time I play, I will be the_seal_lover. See if you can find me!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 41 min ago:
i'll be HAPPY SNAKE izzie (just filling the lowers lol)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 19 h and 25 min ago:
I tried to reply to that with "Okay XD" and apparently that was too many capital letters...  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 39 min ago:
Wow. Actually, I think that makes sense....... because you have to have less lowers than captials..  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 4 h and 5 min ago:
Yeah but I just don't understand how capitals are offensive XD  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 25 min ago:
Because you might be saying... YOU IDIOT! (no offense, not directed at you XD)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 5 h and 45 min ago:
True! There were some weird names when I was playing slither yesterday. Organic was one of them XD  Comment
 Trotscare - 12 days ago
Scale is now an adult. I am going to train him up as a race horse. :)   Comment
 horseloverxoxox - 14 days ago
The ~Magic Horses~ group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 16 days ago
Izzie. You gotta stop doing this. That HorseTail group? You know that was my idea. Was that what that survey was for? I wouldn't of put that idea down if I had known you were going to use it for a group crediting it as your idea. I'm sorry, I don't want to have to day this, but something has to be done.   Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 3 h and 59 min ago:
Please do something about it Izzie. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get Sneasel into it. Even if you just change that one line, 'I came up with the idea of...', then it would at least be truthful.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 11 h and 45 min ago:
Ooohhhh i just realised what you meant xD i was really confused... *what survey was that* Some of it was my idea, but sure I'll add a little something..  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 20 min ago:
Ok...  Comment
 Izziebrown - 17 days ago
Izziebrown has founded the HorseTail group   Comment
 Trotscare - 19 days ago
Look at my horse adverts! :)   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 19 days ago
I thought you had the template now...   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 47 min ago:
I'm doing a few ^^  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 22 h and 12 min ago:
So your doing more of these with that template?!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 6 h and 30 min ago:
These??  Comment
 Trotscare - 20 days ago
Will you want White Dust back ever? I will start breeding Appaloosa horses if you don't. Thanks.   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 40 min ago:
No! The reason I sold her was that I wanted to sell her!  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 16 min ago:
Sell me a baby male app'?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 52 min ago:
I'll think about it :)  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 34 min ago:
Cool :)  Comment
  Dreamzer - 21 days ago
Happy birthday Izziebrown!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 14 h and 59 min ago:
Thank you!  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 50 min ago:
Happy Birthday Izzie! :)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 53 min ago:
Thankies yous!:)  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 12 h and 4 min ago:
:)  Comment
 horsesareawesome56 - , , , 14 h and 19 min ago:
Happy late birthday!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 59 min ago:
Thank you! ;)  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 20 h and 54 min ago:
Oh!! I got it late... *offers 12 Decker cake to make up for being 12 days late* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 21 h and 50 min ago:
Thanks XD *offers tiny crumb while gobbling the whole thing in one go*  Comment
 Trotscare - 21 days ago
Please DO NOT put an affix on Clever! I don't want to buy another affixed horse back from you. They are harder to sell. :) Thanks.   Comment
 Trotscare - 22 days ago
I wonder if I should buy Horzer membership with my two Premz. I feel like I am stuck in this game. I need to do something. Maybe Horzer membership could free me from this situation that I am in, because I can sell off my horses for 300 coins or something. ;)   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 2 min ago:
Eh, you could...  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 3 min ago:
Do you think I should? :) 2 Premz seems an expensive price to pay. I mean, I am not THAT stuck... Or am I?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 4 min ago:
Idk  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 12 h and 5 min ago:
Ok. I have found a way to move on in the game. :) Advertise my horses better and put them up for sale again. :)  Comment
 Trotscare - 22 days ago
Hi. Do you want to buy Scale off me at some point?   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 11 min ago:
No, he's better off with your 'small' collections :)  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 52 min ago:
I need coins. I wonder if I should turn my two Premz into coins.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 53 min ago:
I'll give you a lend if you want? With 100 interest?  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 57 min ago:
Ha ha ha. No. Thanks all the same.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 1 min ago:
Ok... why not?  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 2 min ago:
I am not THAT desperate. :)  Comment
 horsesareawesome56 - 24 days ago
 the_seal_lover - 24 days ago
Your online!!   Comment
 Trotscare - 26 days ago
Calculators do not follow BODMAS. * Rools eyes. * See my email please. :)   Comment
 Trotscare - , , 12 h and 43 min ago:
* Rolls eyes * I mean  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , 16 h and 50 min ago:
Yea they do!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 11 h and 59 min ago:
You need special kinds of calculators not just cheap junky ones... Mine cost $50 but it is really good.  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 13 h and 1 min ago:
Ah. Wow! Izzie is taking a special test tomorrow, so I thought I would just let her know that she must work out the BODMAS rule in her own head! :) Or get a really expensive calculator! Your calculator sounds cool, Seal Lover! :D  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 54 min ago:
I have a calculator that follows B.O.D.M.A.S. And mobile phones will not!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 23 min ago:
And also everyone knows I'm taking an exam tomorrow >->  Comment
 Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 17 min ago:
Cool. How do you think you did?  Comment
 Izziebrown - 27 days ago
Izziebrown publishes an offer to purchase By Honour Of My Great Grandfather at a fixed price.   Comment
 Koirajalkkis - 27 days ago
The Let's make Horzer as active as Dogzer! group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 2horses - 27 days ago
Congrats!!!!!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 19 h and 45 min ago:
Thankies!  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - 28 days ago
Hi! Have you ever drawn or think to draw a horse coat?   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 53 min ago:
Yeah, all the time! I mean, planning them. :)  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 55 min ago:
Well, me too. I have made one drawing of a horse, but didn´t like it so much I would send it here.  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 56 min ago:
Actually I can´t even send them. I have only 2 premz. Do the coat maker get some premz from the made coat?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 56 min ago:
But then everyone would see it o_0  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 56 min ago:
Oh and yes, everytime someone uses it you get a premz.  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 58 min ago:
I really want to make one. Only one! But I can´t make any so good once that someone would buy it...  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 59 min ago:
Are you my friend in Dogzer?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 18 h and 53 min ago:
Idk.... let me see..  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 18 h and 54 min ago:
Umm nope?  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 18 h and 59 min ago:
Now you should see my sketch, its my avatar now.  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 16 h and 12 min ago:
Have you drawed anything yet?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 56 min ago:
Well, not drawn for horzer, but I have for other things ;p  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 6 min ago:
Ok :p what you have drawn?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 12 min ago:
I've drawn patterns, cats... XD  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 17 h and 16 min ago:
Ok :p I am draeing my friends cat. Would you like to shoe me a pic of your drawing?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 32 min ago:
I'm still working on it :)  Comment
 Koirajalkkis - , , , 18 h and 36 min ago:
Ok, I have made a sketch of the cat I am draeing now. The head is ready, buy the body and paws are in work... I can show it if you want.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 20 h and 50 min ago:
Ok that'd be nice!  Comment
 Izziebrown - 28 days ago
Izziebrown has founded the Creative Club group   Comment
 2horses - 28 days ago
So I would have continued being manager and done the rp, however, I am to busy to do so right now, I currently want to be able to focus on the rplays I do have and that's it. So just wanted to let you know :)   Comment
 Izziebrown - 28 days ago
Izziebrown publishes an offer to organize a mating with Bentley.   Comment