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Horsesareawesome56 I am almost done!!



PitaPata - (4yG2)

     Upcoming Events: Finding Out My Results!!


(The exam, which a lot of you will have probably heard about, I have already heard the results, however the exam was to be able to go through to something else, which is this result.)


Are you looking for roleplay forms? They are near the bottom of my page. They will have the founder of the group and then all the forms there :)


At time of editing, all information is correct!

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2016 card from the_seal_lover ^^



Summary of my game:


Hello, as you may have figured, my username is Izziebrown. It's inspired by the main character in my favourite horse series by Stacy Gregg - Pony Club Secrets. You can call me Izzie Brown, Iz, Izzie or Izadora. Izadora is my whole username but it's pretty long, hehe... Anyways, I'm aged between 8 and 20, I live somewhere in this galaxy in the United Kingdom in England (you don't know where that is? You should definitely look it up. It's where the language you are reading is from - hence England, English... that's about it. Soo... you want to know about my game? Alrighty... I will breed you a horse that you'd like, as long as I am able to (for example, I won't if there is a bug that makes me unable to give birth if I don't have the ability to breed etc). I will definitely look at a possible horse that I might buy. However, please do not be offended if I do not end up buying it. This will probably be because one of the following reasons: you have way more money than me (and I mean way), I already have a higher capped horse, with a higher level, same gender and same breed, the horse is not purebred (unless it is a breed I don't have), it's a foal of a breed I have in female already... there might be more, but that's it for now... Btw, I'm not a fan of the new £... but then I don't like any change. Haha, gotcha there :P Back to where we were... 


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Summary Of Me:


I'm female, and I am as people say funny and clever... and lucky you - my best side is online on the internet ;) I love Enid Blyton, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeff Kinney, Stacy Gregg, Cathy Cassidy and many more authors. I love school life very much (the lessons are the best part) and I love all the lessons. I play the human voice, the piano/keyboard, flute, recorder, ukelele, (some) guitar and pretty much anything that someone will help me learn. Some of my proudest songs that I can play are Ode To Joy on the piano/keyboard.


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I will give you a loan of up to 3,000 coinz, depending on my balance. However, I will ask for a interest fee, which I will count for. For good friends, this will be reduced.




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Vote & Friend Everyone on here

Know every time of emoji

Have 15,000 coinz   (Completed on 8th November 2017)

Have 20,000 coinz

Have a breed that no-one grows tired of buying


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Add me as a friend because...


My friends

Random Stuff

Other games



Urls of pictures!







1.I am friendly, go send that random friend request I have been waiting to send it for the past 5 seconds! I won't bite, you don't have to worry! ( or do you????:verymad: MMWWUUAAHAHAHAHA!!!) 

3. you skipped #2

4. you checked to see if there was a #2

5. There wasn't.

6. You are wondering what's next 

7. You feel creeped out that I can predict what you think.

8. You're trying to come up with something this good to put on your page.

9.You are reading this.

10. What I am gonna say next is mean and you shouldn't read it.

11. You read it anyway, even though I told you not to! But the joke's on you! There is nothing mean here just me saying thanks for reading my page this far!!

12. After you saw the last bit, you wanted to post on my page to ask me if you can put it on your page.

13. I replied saying no.




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13 reasons to add me as a friend:


1. I will surely vote for you and your horses. :)

2. I love to roleplay and we could have great fun on that side of things. ^^

3. I'll breed you horses if you like. :D

4. You can't post on my wall unless you become my friend. XD

5. I'll help you out with horzer if you are in need (e.g. buying a horse you accidentally sold for a real low price then selling back, breeding you a horse of the breed that your dead horse was) ;)

6. I'll answer your any questions.  ?_?

7. We could have a seriously random talk! ............

8. How long does it take to click that golden plus anyways? ^_^

9. I love animals, hopefully, you do two? ;-;

10. I get bored if no people are on who are my friends, you might go on when I am! :0

11. I like putting emojis incase you haven't figured by now. X'D

12. I'm on every dreamzer games.... and AJPW and AJ and mweor and howrse... and furrypaws...

13. *falls asleep* 




Guess what!? One of the visits on here is you!! Which star? Do you know? :p 



My  Friends: 

Yeah, I have 100+ so not everyone will be there. If I think that you have something original that I HAVE seen, I will put you up. Not in order of niceness, they are all great! Tell me if you feel bad for not being here, I gotcha back ;)


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I could go on and on about how amazing she is. I keep checking to see if she is on because I want to see if she has done anything to my RP! Seal loves to RP and is a great friend! She is also awesome for liking Enid Blyton and Stacy Gregg! She has made a Christmas card for me. Seriously, you should go friend her. We first met thanks to Katebackhouse's group when she sold me a horse! <3


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Such a good friend to me!! Eclipse is role-playing mad, which is so great and cool! Vote for her!





She is a great friend and loves to RP! She is also amazing for keeping up the memory of Blaze, her first horse. Moonlight is super cool and creative. I don't know what I could do without her and I'm super sorry to see her leave horzer.


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I know her in real life and she likes to RP! Although she often can overwrite, everyone knows that it is always heart - written.


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She is a really nice friend and she is quite loyal! She is very friendly and kind! She is sweet and she says I am her bestee! But she never comes on anymore :(...


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A great RP friend and also loves to chat! So many things about Dogzerchick are great, I don't have time to write!


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A great American paint breeder and loves to chat! Pix is a happy, helpful, considerate person to be around. If I could say only one thing about her, it's that she is kind as a horse.


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I could go on and on about stuff about 2horses! A great friend, who loves to RP! She is understanding and a great breeder also. There are many great things about her that I simply cannot describe.


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My friend in real life also Horselover is kind and likes to help! She is sympathetic and caring and lends a hand to anyone in trouble. If there is one thing that I had to say bad about her, it's that she can sometimes be too daring in trying to help! BTW, sorry that font didn't do numbers XD


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My first proper mentee and she is definitely doing well! She likes to RP also. I know her in real life. Jasmine has been through tough times but she is such a brave gal and she survived her illness ^^


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Pi is so cool! She's always helped me when I needed a horse. I would never have some of the horses I have now if it weren't for her. Thanks so much.


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Loong username, but honestly, Horses is such a great person. She's happy and friendly and honest. I could never replace her story lines in role play, she is also very creative at that! Three cheers for Horse!


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She's always helping me learn things I didn't know and will always answer a question, even if it's ridiculous. Thank you, Ti for sticking by me ;-;







I am really glad that I met haleyridesfrank. Although we don't talk much, I love every bit that I do say to her - and everything that is replied back.


In Progress:





Whenever I've needed something, whether it was a horse, an adoption of a horse in the sanctuary or just a breeding offer, Amber has always been agreeing from day 1. Amber2610's a great friend when I need someone to talk to, or even just to learn something new in French! Also, her horse's levels are fantastic, and she should be  very proud of herself.




Susurration is a great breeder, she always puts her horse's needs before anything else's, which I admire. Even when she has bumpy journeys, Susurration always straightens it out and it's put behind everyone. Also, her artwork is very much awardable and she introduced me to my main sketching programme which my current avatar was made from!




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Sneasel helps so many people here on horzer & dogzer too. I would have a piece of dust's brain on horzer if it weren't for her XD 


Other games:


Maybe you think you've seen me somewhere else? Well, you are probably right! If you are my friend, friend me over there and send me a little PM telling me who you are :) Animal Jam Play Wild: Lovesanimals268 Animal Jam PC: Loveanimals268 Mweor: SilverMolly (#186264) Horseisle: IzziePonyclubfan Howrse: Izziebrown Slither.io: Usually Happy Snake or Izziebrown unless I'm feeling lazy, then I'll be something like 'yay' xD Dreamzer games: Izziebrown  Horse World Online: Izziebrownponyclub BellaSara: ____

I'm always interested in seeing new games, so please do reference them so I can take a look! Some are only not above because I only have a few presence etc.


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Horses I am breeding:


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I will definitely breed you one! Also, I will always be a breeding partner if you have a good male! :) If you have a female, I will let you know if I have a good male! *-*


 Image result for foals and mother

Arabian  Friesian  American Paint Appaloosa Hanoverian


Image result for arabian horse Image result for friesian horse Image result for american paintImage result for leopard appaloosa


Random stuff:




Aigan, yuor mnid is bneig sepur, speur fntatisac. Lkie avobe, you are lteilarly rdaenig nsonsene wdros. Wrdos taht do not mkae ssene if you are bineg pkicy, wodrs taht are not eevn rael wdors. How cool is taht?


90% of you will totally IGNORE this


8% of you will WON'T put this on your page


1% of you will put this on your page


1% of people won't even read this





Can you remember the girl that you called fat? She overdoses on diet pills because of people like you...            

Remember that girl that just called you skinny? She eats so much she makes herself sick, hoping that people won't tease her...

Do you remember that girl you just called ugly? Well, she spends hours putting on makeup hoping people won't notice her spots... 

Do you remember that boy you just tripped? Well, he's abused enough at home....

Do you remember that boy you just teased for crying? Well, sadly, his mum just died...

Can you think back to the women you just teased for lying on the floor? Well, her parents died when she was a kid and she has been homeless ever since...

Remember the boy you just scolded for dancing? He is earning some money so he can live...

See that man you were teasing yesterday with the ugly scars? He fought for his country and watched his friends die...

Do you recall that boy you were teasing last week, who was wishing for money? He spent all his pocket money buying flowers for his deceased parents' grave and his ill aunt...

Can you recall that woman you keep bullying with no friends? She was the friend who stuck up for you when you were being teased in your childhood, but you slammed the door in her face.

If you will stand up for people who get bullied, put this on your page! We need people like you around the world to make peace.


At 5 years old: Mummy & Daddy

At 8 years old: Yeah, sure, Mum and Dad.

At 10 years old: Ugh, just shut up, Mum and Dad.

At 12 years old: You are so annoying Mum and Dad.

At 15 years old: I hate you, can't you leave me alone, Mum and Dad?

At 21 years old: I'm moving out, Mum and Dad.

At 30 years old: Shall I take the kids to Mum and Dad's?

At 40 years old: Oh, I need to go to Mum and Dad's.

At 50 years old: I can't loose Mum and Dad :'(

At 70 years old: :'( :'( :'( :'( I wish Mum and Dad were here beside me ohh I miss them soo much.

Post this if you love them!


Gifs I made:



Roleplay forms:


For piyisgood135:


 Image result for women haircuts blonde hairImage result for angel

Name: Katelyn Moore
Nickname: Katelyne (her younger sister spells her name with an e)/Kate/Kat
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Type: Angel
Personality: (Usually is) Kind, gentle, happy, optimistic, strong, determined, clever (Can be) Rough, sarcastic, stubborn 
Crush: (formerly) Peter
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A
Spouse: None yet
Children: None currently
History: She has been good friends with Peter since she was 14, which is almost 4 years! When she was 16, he asked her to be his girlfriend, but then she found out something untrue and they broke up.
Other: Her birthday is in a few weeks.
Played by: Izziebrown


Image result for male haircutsImage result for browny gold wolf

Name: Peter Martin
Nickname: Pete
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (just)
Type: Werewolf
Personality: Tries to be nice to make up for his wolf side, funny, loving, business-like, can get very angry and frustrated and shows it badly 
Crush: (formerly) Kate
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: He was having a child, but it died a few weeks before it was born.
History: Katelyn met him in a maths class when he was 15 and they were both quite intelligent
Other: N/A
Played by: Izziebrown


Image result for cute child wolfRelated image

Name: Beatrice
Nickname: Rice (by herself?!), Beats
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Type: Werewolf (hasn't discovered yet)
Personality: Annoying (to her family), clever, sweet (to adults), kind...
Crush: Umm....
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I have lots of girlfriends and boyfriends! (She doesn't know what it means yet...)
Spouse: A little young...
Children: N/A
History: N/A
Other: She is sweet but is sometimes very mean, especially to Kate.
Played by: Izziebrown


Related imageImage result for female haircuts dark hairImage result for male haircuts

Name: Jake and Garnet Moore
Nickname: Mum & Dad
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 40 & 41
Type: Human (J) & vampire (G)
Personality: Kind, caring, thoughtful, quiet
Crush: (formerly) each other
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A
Spouse: They divorced
Children: N/A
History: N/A
Other: N/A
Played by: Izziebrown




Image result for female haircuts brown hairImage result for female haircuts brown hair

Name: Rachelle (pronounced Rachel)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Traits: Kind, happy, energetic, stubborn, has a temper
Relationship status: Dating Josh
Job: She sometimes works in the local stables, but nothing too much
Full Name: Rachelle Dahlia Davids
Nicknames: Rachel, Rach, Ella,
Secret: Her boyfriend, Josh, can be abusive but now that he's calmed down a bit, she has decided to let it slip, she hasn't told anyone yet, even though signs are saying that it might start up again.
Played by: Izziebrown

Related imageImage result for male haircuts blonde hair

Name: Josh
Age: 15
Gender: Male 
Traits: Can be abusive, normally charming, romantic, flirty, funny
Relationship status: Dating Rachelle
Job: He has a part-time job in a nearby snack-shop,
Full Name: Josh Sam Richardson
Nicknames: Josh
Secret: He can be abusive to Rachelle, but he says that it is for her own good. He told her that if she tells anyone about it, he will hurt her badly.
Played by: Izziebrown




Name: Kathleen Walker

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Human

Traits: Respective, has a temper, quite clumsy, clever

History: She had a crush on Ellis when they were best friends, though this changed when he joined a so-called "mad scientist" as everybody called him. She found a potion that he had made, however it would have deadly effects to him if he had drunken it. So she replaced it, and then he began to act strangely. There was a devastating fire that damaged a part of the school and she later found out that Ellis had been inside. Despite the fact that her crush for him had been a long time ago, she still loved him a little and knew that she could never stop the feeling. When she knew that he was dead, she cried for a long time and it took a while for her friends to comfort her. Then, like nothing had happened, he appeared. She flung her arms around him and said "how aren't you dead?". He had replied saying that it wasn't a great amount of heat. It spread around the city quickly and he was tested. She was devastated when she learned that "his potion" had been the effect of him being able to outstand heat and coldness. She often visited him in the freak show, not to laugh at him but to see if he was OK, though she had never actually gone behind the scenes before.

Relationships: Has a small crush on Ellis

Favorite things: To be with her friends, eating sushi (she loves it as she is part chinese...) 

Biggest fear: People thinking she's strange and Ellis spotting her in the crowds and being mad at her for "laughing at him".

Played by: Izziebrown


Name: Ellis Collins
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Human x demon
Why are you at the freak show?: He is at the FS as was believed to be a kind of "mad scientist"
Abilities: He can stand very low and very high temperature 

Traits: Fed up, tired, negative, pessimistic, stubborn, is good at settling arguments
History: He used to be best friends with Kathleen, however when she started to go off with the other girls at secondary school,  he thought that their friendship was over. Then, when he joined a kind of "mad - scientist" who experimented with lots of different potions, Kath heard and was shocked. Ellis began to experiment himself, and he made a chemical, which he believed was a helpful medicine. However, when he was stubborn and silly, he thought that it could really change his genetics to make him a normal human. Kathleen, who was good at school and at chemistry, found the chemical and tested it for ingredients. She found out that it was deadly. So, she made a new chemical, replacing it so that it would be harmless to him. Though she had good intentions, it completely backfired on her. She made a combination of ingredients that she could never possibly have learnt about and somehow on a part demon, it created the abilities he has today. He was sent to the freak show after being caught in a school fire and surviving the heat and was tested by some of the trainers. It was incredible when he came back alive every time they tried to burn him or freeze him.
Relationships: He had a small thing with Kathleen
Favorite things: Previously Kathleen, attention, but not in this freak show....
Biggest fear: Kathleen finding out that it was as he thinks, his potion that made him like this.
Played by: Izziebrown





Thanks for the card seal! It isn't xmas I know but I couldn't lose it forever so I made it small :)





Check out these links!




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Don't get scammed - Here, I will provide a thoroughly detailed account of some tricks that scammers may do - if you have any others, please list them!

- If it's too good to be true, most likely it is.
Emmatheexampleplayer (E): Hey!
Sandrathescammer (S): Hallo. Would you like to send Pixie (your horse) over for 6 eternity rubies and 5 hourglasses of pegasus?
E: Uh... yeah! Nice deal!
S: Sure...!

Emma was cheated out of her horse - Sandra kept the horse and the bonuses. Emma shouldn't have trusted such a good deal!

- 'I lost my ____! Would you like to trade yours?'

E: Hey!
S: Hi... I'm upset because I lost a really good horse to a scammer.
E: I'm sorry to hear that!
S: Do you have one?
E: Well... I do...
S: I'd offer a helio's ray?
E: Sure! I'll send her and another horse over! Just make sure you add the bonus to my other horse and sell her back :)


Emma lost her horse to someone who was meant to be selling it back for a helio's ray. But, the point in this one is that - being sorry is very good and all that, but how do you know that they are telling the truth? Maybe if you know the person well, you can believe them... but a complete *stranger*?


Sooo... first get your image and save it to your computer. Then upload your pic to horzer (I'm guessing you know how to do that? 


Then right click the image once you've saved your page. Click copy web address. Then post in your forum or whatever '[IMG]here goes your web address![/IMG] For some it's different but for horzer that's the code ;)



Note to self:



Reptilzer stores fireworks

Shinycatz stores normal

Shinycatz us stores trotscares

dogzer stores xmas

make easter!!!

make valentines!!











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  Trotscare - 22 hours ago
I think that is me done for the day.   Comment
  Trotscare - 23 hours ago
Ha. Ha. Ha. Your coin balance isn't that much more than mine. :D   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 18 h and 30 min ago:
I don't care >_>  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 31 min ago:
Oh really! :D Lol.  Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
I need a little fresh air. :) So, I will come back very soon to this, okay? Still early yet. I am going to grab a drink, okay? Probably something fizzy. A walk, some fresh air, a drink, and will be back. * Signs off for a little while. *   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 28 min ago:
Tried to get on half an hour ago. :o  Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
Did you hear about the tree who was afraid of Mathematics? It heard about square roots.   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 21 min ago:
Wow. *claps* So funny.  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 27 min ago:
You really liked that, did you? :D * Suspects sarcasm *  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 28 min ago:
Lol. I can't wait to get my Cookery Channel started. What has that got to do with clapping, did you ask?  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 34 min ago:
I'll take as a "I really want to know". Great. Glad you are so excited to know. Wait a minute. I have forgotten. What us it again? Sorry.  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 44 min ago:
Oh wait. That was it. I have just remembered. You and PewDiePie are so funny. PewDiePie was clapping on one of the last videos that I watched of his. Sarcastically but it was funny. "Well done." he said. In a nice way, but it was kind do if funny and it was sarcastic. Right, well, he is my biggest inspiration. He teaches me how to get started on YouTube on various of his videos. He is tutoring me. Not only that, but I learn from him by just watching him. He has the biggest following on YouTube in terms of Subscribers. I learn from him by looking at his style. I take from that what works, and I am looking similarly and learni g from ither Successful Professional You tubers. Cool, eh?  Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
The Alone (human rp) group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
Let me know if you could make use of my new Horzer membership, 3 Premz, or abundance of coins at all, yes? Check out my 365 Prescence Days!   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 52 min ago:
Not really, tbh. It's your reward! But you could enter the competitions that I created in the forum ^^  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 58 min ago:
Know. Wat comps are those?  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 59 min ago:
* K. Wat comps are those?  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 1 min ago:
I am just buying lots of hay and growing my horses loads while I can for cheaper these 5 days. :)  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 2 min ago:
What did you do with your Horzer membership when you had it! :D  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 9 min ago:
Trained meh horses :p  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 10 min ago:
Cool. Good idea. Basically, the same as me then! I am training them and making them big.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 34 min ago:
http://www.horzer.com/forum/f26/the-horzer-competitions-open-t11030/  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 40 min ago:
Cool. Thank you.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 41 min ago:
The more, the sooner we can start ^^  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 45 min ago:
OK. Bear with me, and sorry for delays in replying over the last 10 minutes. A lady I met once apparently , who I can't remember, keeps chatting to me as of about 10 minutes ago. :/  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 46 min ago:
OK, but please hurry :)  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 52 min ago:
Now she just popped out for a cigarette and left her niece of about 5 with me. :)  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 53 min ago:
Apparently I met her somewhere...  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 55 min ago:
Ah, gotcha.  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 58 min ago:
I can't click the link. It won't work. So, please bear with me. Sorry. The lady and her niece are just going. Wish I could remember her. I gave her my number. Said I would chat to her soon and I need to talk to my daughter online. Niece interested in Horzer now. They are just leaving. She is 5. I said get your Mum and dad to help you sign up when you get home. :)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 2 min ago:
She can't join if she is 5! Internet safety? But anyways, of course it won't work >__> it's a post. Do you expect it to somehow be clickable?????!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 4 min ago:
:o  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 9 min ago:
We just went to the shops together (on Horzer), she bought an apple (!), and she then went and fed my Layla.  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 12 min ago:
With adult supervision, I guess.  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 14 min ago:
What is the age limit?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 17 h and 21 min ago:
There isn't one, but 5 seems pretty young.  Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
The Save the Dreamzer Games!!! group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
Please can you join Save the Dreamzer Games + Valentine's Day 2018? Thank you. :)   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 12 h and 19 min ago:
Then I'll make you Director of Save the Dreamzer Games and maybe Valentine's Day, okay? :)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 14 h and 20 min ago:
You are a member?!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 19 min ago:
What do you mean? I am the maker of the group. Of course I am a member!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 15 h and 21 min ago:
Thanks, Director! Enjoy your new job! :)  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 51 min ago:
Nooo A horzer member!!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , and 16 h ago:
Oh, yeah. How did you know? :P  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 42 min ago:
Coz you've got a horse >_>  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 46 min ago:
Aaaah. I see. Thanks.  Comment
  Trotscare - 2 days ago
The Used to hate Mweor, now love it! group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 Izziebrown - 3 days ago
Izziebrown publishes an offer to purchase Lily at a fixed price.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 3 days ago
The haleyridesfrank’s Friends group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 Izziebrown - 3 days ago
Izziebrown leaves Supernova in the Stardust Academy center   Comment
 Izziebrown - 3 days ago
Random test XD   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 15 h and 49 min ago:
Plzz...  Comment
 the_seal_lover - 4 days ago
How are you liking Draw Something?   Comment
  Trotscare - 5 days ago
The Used to hate Mweor, now love it! group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 5 days ago
Ohhh yeah! Fluffyseal sounds right. I’ll check soon :p I’ve finally got around to doing anoher breed!! *points at pregnant Baybee in her stable*   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 6 days ago
You’re Izziebrown26 on Draw Something, right? Have you done any other suggestions off the Boredom Ideas Checklist? :p   Comment
 Izziebrown - 7 days ago
Wow, a long list of goals XD I'll look up those apps and see if I have enough storage ;)   Comment
 william123m - 7 days ago
The william123m's GREAT quiz group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 7 days ago
You’re welcome ;)   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 7 days ago
So you said you’ve been lost lately? Here are some things you could do. 1- figure out what my Mweor username was so I can come say hi on there (even though I don’t like it that much), 2- Vote on my masterpieces on Animal Jam, 3- Make an account on Stop (app), Draw Something (another app) or WoozWorld (another app- I think you would love this one!) 4- Enter some competitions, 5- Create something in the forums (like that minigame with Sneasel was amazing!, 6- Create a (nother) group, or bring an old group back to life, 7- Roleplay with me on Freak Show, 8- Search up Ribbon Seals on Google Images, 9- Take some beautiful photos and I will too (my main present was a really good camera!, or 10- put on the radio and make up a dance to whatever song is playing (I got a radio as my other main present!)   Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 59 min ago:
I've done 1, 3, 5 (that horzer competition thing), 7 (I started one, but you haven't replied :p), 8 (I didn't know that your old profile picture was a ribbon seal XD) and I'm going to do 10 now!  Comment
 the_seal_lover - , , , 4 h and 41 min ago:
1, you didn’t actually XD It wasn’t Fluffyseal, it was actually a stupid username I never should’ve done but it was kinda like that, 3, Draw something? 5, oh yeah still don’t get that, 7, I’ll go check it out now, 8, Yeah! It’s not actually a ribbon seal but it comes up XD, 10, did you do it?, 11, WE CAN REPLY AGAIN!!!  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 14 h and 29 min ago:
1) Oh right... 3) Yup 5) I made another post, do you understand it now? XD 7) I'm replying now 8) Oh really? 10) Not yet, but I do do it often when my dad puts on some classical music XD I'll do it now, I promise. And then I'll post some of the "moves" and the song 11) I never saw that one on the list, but you are right XD 12) I sent you a list of ways to get a new mweor if you wish :p  Comment
  Trotscare - 7 days ago
Autocorrect really playing up. Dreamzer! Sorry.   Comment
  Trotscare - 7 days ago
Dreamer just announced Seat's Birthday! :)   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 8 days ago
I thought you said that you were right behind me in presence days! XD I'm on 494, you're on 463 ;p   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 8 days ago
The Screenshots group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 12 days ago
I don’t have a sort of time I want the foal. As long as I get it. :)   Comment
 william123m - 12 days ago
hi   Comment
 Koirajalkkis - 13 days ago
The Erin Hunter Fan Group group welcomes a new member: Izziebrown   Comment
  Trotscare - 13 days ago
Nanna going on and on and on. Wanted to text you about Lemmings. :(   Comment
 Izziebrown - 13 days ago
Izziebrown leaves Brittany in the Stardust Academy center   Comment