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For the love of Fresians...


Image result for best friesian pictures 


 I am a Fresian breeder.


Ask me if you would a foal.


Thank you for your interest. :)


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"I can't cope! I have too many PMs!"


Check out my hip group, "Managing PMs strategy"


This group allows us to post messages when our Inboxes are full

and allows us to offer one another helpful tips on bringing down our PMs! 






Thank you to those who have just been riding my horses and voting for them who will appear in name here soon if not here already! :)


Special badge of honour


This goes to:




Daisydog has been very kind to me, endlessly riding Apple without me having first done anything, giving me two gifts, and helping me out with useful information. Daisydog1234 also helped out my best friend in the game, Izziebrown, with a recent crisis on the game that Izziebrown had. I have always felt that Daisydog is exceptional kind, and this kindness continues to this day. :)    


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Thank you Daisydog!



Special mention of thanks


This goes to:


(Others will be put here soon)


Moonlight Girl


for riding Apple a lot 




for riding Apple a lot 




  •  For introducing me to the game!
  •  For guiding me in the game! (You have taught me so much!!!) 


  •  For giving Apple a gift 


Thank you Izzie!












Hey, guesse what? Izzie is my best friend in the game! And, I also know her in real life!




the_seal_lover is always cheering everyone up, and is such a lovely person!

Me and Izzie always look forward to seeing the_Seal_lover on here! :)



Love to you all. And thanks again!


? Should your name be here and I have forgotten you?


If so, please PM me or message me on my wall! 


Thank you


Now, that is what I call a Christmas cardThank you Izzie!

















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 Only friends of Trotscare can post here.
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
Could you please make a character for Alone (human rp)? It would be great if you could :)   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 18 h and 27 min ago:
OK. I will look into it. Thanks.  Comment
 haleyridesfrank - , , , 19 h and 53 min ago:
Ok, thanks!  Comment
  Trotscare - 1 day ago
I am just feeding Layla some proper food, and same to Sarah. I started a new day with them both and neither of them gave had hay yet. Okay? I never went to the meal with family in the end. I wanted to spend time catching up with Mweor and Horzer, and you, and I felt that this was more important. I texted Shara to say that I am sorry, but it us just that the last week has thrown up several unexpected problems. And it has. Like the washing machine breaking where I live. It was too much to ask Nanna to lend me jumper apparently. And I had a lot of upset with a certain person... Well, I won't go into that. You already have heard enough. When push comes to shove, you must come first.   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 25 min ago:
* Shariah  Comment
  Trotscare - , , 13 h and 6 min ago:
For Izzie. Sorry for the confusion, people! Meant for her wall!  Comment
 Izziebrown - 1 day ago
Do you like what I did to the page so far? :)   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 6 min ago:
Page?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 8 min ago:
Group, silly xD  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 9 min ago:
Wa group?  Comment
 Izziebrown - , , , 16 h and 9 min ago:
Save da dreamzer games!  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 11 min ago:
Oooooo!!!! Sorry! I will take a look! Thanks! * Gets excited and rushes off to the Group *  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 16 min ago:
Brilliant! Thank you! * Blushes *  Comment
  Trotscare - 5 days ago
Hi Haleyridesfrank. I will soon. I am sorry for my delay in doing this. Happy Valentine's Day to all. I hope that you have a good one. I will return very soon to editing the group and I hope you all join and have a good time on Valentine's Day, whatever all of you are doing. Single or in a relationship.   Comment
  Trotscare - 6 days ago
Ah. I think my one new Mweor has got very old (90 years old!) but can still breed. There are some reduced functions though.   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 7 days ago
Basically, every day, even if you’re not on the game, your cat grows older. This means that if you miss out on a lot your cats will grow old, not be able to breed and eventually die.   Comment
  Trotscare - 8 days ago
Oh? The ageing system? I am so new to Mweoer that I am not familiar with how the ageing system works. Can you please fill me in on how it works, and what is wrong with it? Thanks. Nice to hear from you anyway.   Comment
 the_seal_lover - 9 days ago
Hi Trotscare, just letting you know in reply to my wall that I have been registered to Mweor nearly as long as Horzer, I just don’t play it because I find he aging system frustrating.   Comment
  Trotscare - 10 days ago
  Trotscare - 10 days ago
I will see what group that is and get back to you.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 12 days ago
Can you make a rp character for the Power Within *human rp*? The form in on the group page!   Comment
 Izziebrown - 16 days ago
The The Roleplay Group group welcomes a new member:  Trotscare   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 19 days ago
The Power Within *human rp* group welcomes a new member:  Trotscare   Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - 19 days ago
The Blue Moon Mustangs group welcomes a new member:  Trotscare   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 20 days ago
You’re welcome :)   Comment
  Trotscare - 20 days ago
Oh. Yes. That is brilliant. Very helpful. Thank you.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 20 days ago
I changed the wall of our group to be only members can post on the wall if that is ok   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 22 days ago
 Trotscare acquires Macie from haleyridesfrank.   Comment
 william123m - 24 days ago
want a new coat for one of your horses   Comment
 Koirajalkkis - 24 days ago
Koirajalkkis votes for  Trotscare.   Comment
  Trotscare - 27 days ago
 Trotscare publishes an offer to organize a mating with Frisky.   Comment
 william123m - 1 month ago
william123m votes for  Trotscare.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 month ago
 horsesareawesome56 - 1 month ago
The Freak Show (RP) group welcomes a new member:  Trotscare   Comment
  Trotscare - 1 month ago
 Trotscare leaves Apple in the Stardust Academy center   Comment
  Trotscare - 1 month ago
 Trotscare leaves Layla in the Stardust Academy center   Comment
  Trotscare - 1 month ago
 Trotscare publishes an offer to organize a mating with Frisky.   Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - 1 month ago
Hi! Would you like to buy one of my Friesian horses for a fixed price of 500 coinz and 1 premz? He is not a purebred, but he has a lot of potential and a capacity of 400.34. I really hope you can buy him. If you can't that is fine too. He is the son of Misty and thunder; they are the foals of Cloud, who is the daughter of Apple. He has mostly Friesian, Standardbred, and Arabian in him. I think he will be a great race, jumping, and Dressage horse. If you are interested, contact me. Thanks, Kelleyhorse07   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 14 h and 24 min ago:
Wow. It is nice to see how Cloud is getting on. :) That is very lovely of you. Thank you. I am not looking to buy any more Fresians though. I only sell them. Thank you very much though and I am glad to hear that you have a lot of breeding going on of quality foals. Sounds lovely. I wish you well.  Comment
 william123m - 1 month ago
hi   Comment
 william123m - , , , 14 h and 55 min ago:
could frisky breed my horse  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 16 h and 11 min ago:
Sure. Which one? I'll put up a Public offer so that you can select it.  Comment
 william123m - , , , 16 h and 48 min ago:
do you want a Arabian colt?  Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 17 h and 12 min ago:
Maybe.  Comment
 william123m - , , , 17 h and 15 min ago:
want bonus  Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - 1 month ago
Hi! Sorry for getting back to you so late about the link to the ecard. Here it is: ( it has no spaces but the computer wouldn't let me do it without spaces)link: https:// www. hall mark ecards .com/ ecards/a- merry- christmas- and- a- happy- new- year- npz5525 /personalize . I had a very good Christmas and New year! How about you?   Comment
  Trotscare - , , , 14 h and 17 min ago:
Good, thanks. :) Ok. I'll have a look. Thank you. :) I am glad your Christmas and New Year were good.  Comment