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haleyridesfrank - Horzer horse breeder

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United States
Overall Ranking: 56th
Reputation points: 37
Certificates: 7/8
Blacksmith in the Haley’s Royal Horses center
Founder of the Haley’s Royal Horses equestrian center
Coinz': Array

My Breeder Page:

I’m Breeding, Friends, EC

I’m breeding:

  Irish Cobs NP; Father: ~Frank~ (who is a NP Quarter Horse who has some Irish Cob in him); Mother: Bree (who is a NP Irish Cob) I can’t sell

Arabians P; Fathers: Starsong, Oreo; Mothers: Shazi, Vanessa; I can sell them; Males: 600 coinz; Females; 700 coinz; I also have NPs

 Holsteiners P; Father: Rex; Mother: Carley; I can sell them; Males: 800 coinz; Females: 900 coinz

  French Trotters NP; Father: Jackson; Mother: Gemma; I can sell them; Males: 700 coinz; Females: 800 coinz

Thoroughbreds NP; Father: Dawn of the Night; Mother: Death is Near; I can’t sell them  

 Donkeys NP; Father: (Going to be) My Last Seconds and Edge of Glory; Mothers: (Going to be) Makenna, Penelope, Ginger (who is an NP Arabian); I can sell them; Males: 600 coinz; Females: 800 coinz 

 Tolfetanos NP; Father: Frank; Mothers: Heartbreaker, ~Starburst~, ~Stardust~, Mareena;  I can’t sell them


~PM or post on my wall if you want to be breeding partners~



These are my Besties on the game:

    Bodacious4; she is one of my Best Friends in real life

    horsesareawesome56; she is the first person I did rp with

    Kelleyhorse07, Angel_Kitty, Trotscare; they all have appointed me director to a group they founded 

    Izziebrown; she bred me my first Boer Pony

    2horses; she bred my first male Holsteiner

    the_seal_lover; she is going to be a Holsteiner breeding partner with me 

**You Must do something amazing for me to get on this list**

~I accept most to all friend requests~

Equestrian Center: 

I run the Haley’s Royal Horses EC. The horse fee is 20 coinz please register your horse(s) there. I personally invite you to join the work force. If there isn’t a job offer for the job you want PM me are post on my wall the job you want. Also if you are in the work force do the tasks for a horse in the center (NOT belonging to you). 

Link: http://www.horzer.com/equestrian-center/4034-haley-s-happy-horses/  Thanks to all people that register their horses in the center and work for the center. Please enter your horse(s) in the center’s shows to.

Please Vote for Me & My Horses

Please Ride My Horses


~Thanks for reading my breeder page~


Updated Last: 1-15-18


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Quarter Horse adult - coat 77
Arabian Horse foal - coat 51
Holsteiner adult - coat 76
Arabian Horse adult - coat 77
Connemara Pony adult - coat 20
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Blue Moon MustangsBlue Moon Mustangs
No one can stop me *horse & human rp*
Bring back the old version!
Wolfblood (rp)Wolfblood (rp)
For The Love of Arabian HorsesFor The Love of Arabian Horses
Sunshine MeadowsSunshine Meadows
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 Only friends of haleyridesfrank can post here.
 haleyridesfrank - 1 hour ago
haleyridesfrank puts Cinnamon up for sale at auction.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 hour ago
haleyridesfrank puts Haley up for sale at auction.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 5 hours ago
 haleyridesfrank - 5 hours ago
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
funniesfunnies wins the auction for Aria, for 700 coinz'.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
Kelleyhorse07 wins the auction for Jax, for 500 coinz'.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
haleyridesfrank publishes an offer to organize a mating with Rex.   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - 1 day ago
haleyridesfrank publishes an offer to organize a mating with Moonlight.   Comment
  ReganAdam - 1 day ago
 Kelleyhorse07 - 3 days ago
Hi! Did you close down your EC or did you just change the name of it?   Comment
 haleyridesfrank - , , , 18 h and 38 min ago:
Change the name  Comment
 haleyridesfrank - , , , 18 h and 42 min ago:
Would you be willing to buy a horse from me?  Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - , , , 18 h and 59 min ago:
Yeah sure! Which one? I can't do any that are sale for premz' though. I will gladly buy any horse you want me to. Just tell me which.:)  Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - , , , 19 h and 13 min ago:
Or does it matter which one I will buy?  Comment
 haleyridesfrank - , , , 19 h and 38 min ago:
I sent you a private offer to buy Caught in the Moment for 700 coinz  Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - , , , 12 h and 22 min ago:
OK! Thank you!:)  Comment
 william123m - , , , 14 h and 48 min ago:
do one of you want bonus?  Comment
 haleyridesfrank - , , , 21 h and 46 min ago:
Sorry I do not  Comment
 Kelleyhorse07 - , , , 22 h and 24 min ago:
Sorry, I don't either.  Comment
 william123m - , , , 17 h and 14 min ago:
oh, I trying to get a spot for my free thoroughbred colt and an unknown breed colt  Comment