The Paso Fino is having a party: 72 magnificent new coats!

The Paso Fino is having a party: 72 magnificent new coats!

Hello everyone,

Do you remember the Paso Fino that appeared on Horzer at the end of 2015?
Not only is it remarkable in real life because of its three specific gaits that it has above and beyond the walk, the trot and the gallop, it is also remarkable on Horzer because it has a grand total of 6 official coats: Sorrel, Strawberry roan, Bay tovero, Gray, Black overo and Isabella.
In other words, if you adopt several Paso Finos in the Cave of Secrets, they could all have different appearances.

And the news today is that the Paso Fino just became even more remarkable! 
Thanks to the cooperation of the no less remarkable Dark-River, we are pleased to offer your Paso Finos a grand total of 72 new coats. Yes, you read it right, 72 new coats to change the appearance of your Paso Finos

In other words, there is something for every taste, and you are bound to find one that makes you happy in the collection.
Don’t delay - come and admire these new coats, and offer them to your horses using the Fantastic Coat bonus

Once you have done that, why not post the URL of your protégés in the comments so that the whole community can meet them.

Have fun playing with your magnificent Paso Finos, everyone! 

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