The Kaimanawa has arrived from New Zealand: adopt one today!

The Kaimanawa has arrived from New Zealand: adopt one today!

As you may remember, New Zealand was the last country we celebrated on Horzerand on all the games by Dreamzer Games. That was during the summer, and since them, the site overhaul that we began to roll out in September has kept us very busy... But we will soon get back into our good habits by celebrating a new country during the month of November!

Until then, here is some news that many of you are going to like: starting today, you can now adopt an entirely new breed of horse, one that comes from New Zealand. It’s hiding inside the Lucky Bag and its name is the Kaimanawa.
Of course, you can always set your new horse against a background that is symbolic of its country of origin, and why not use some of the various items that are typical of New Zealand that were added to the shop.

So, don’t waste any time - open a Lucky Bag and try your luck at adopting a Kaimanawa, or else a Tolfetano or a Kerry Bog!

Once your new companions have settled in with you, remember to share a link to them in the comments to win some votes and move up the rankings.

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