African Stars Pack

Our motto is made by Tafuria Crimzen, look down for more details!
--------------African Stars Pack------------

If you want to see our website, look for the link on 
Russet's page!
Remember, our group has no members because 
this is the ASP branch here in Horzer. On our site 
we have 136 registered users and counting!  

Group presentation made by Kali our leader,  edited by Russet. 
--------------------------Find our link on Russet's page!

“Life is full of miracles and beauty, but the only way you can notice it is if you listen and leave your
 heart open. We are no longer known as a group of individuals brought together by a love of animals
 and Africa, but instead, we are a family. Life is a journey, one you will only experience once in a lifetime”
~ Kali, the leader or Kiazolo of the pack. 

Welcome to the African Stars Pack!
Let me introduce myself, I am a Qwazi and member of the pack, Silver. 
The colors of the pacrepresent the most popular African colors found on many flags throughout Africa. They arorange, green and yellow.
We are a pack of closely knit friends, loyal and active members. Some even call us a family. 
Oupurpose is to gain friends and have fun though goofy and interesting experiences. We are basearound
 three main activities: RolePlay, games and activities, and just goofing off!
Your rank depends on how active you are, and how much you participate in the overall pack. Thmore 
you insert yourself within the pack, the more friends you make and the more fun you wilhave. Everyone is 
very helpful and full of knowledge about the pack, so feel free to ask around. Ifyou have a question before or 
after joining, feel free to PM me (Russet).


~Current News~
Hello there! This is where our news for pack members and guests can be viewed. We ask that, if you'd like to keep up 
with our newest features, you read this part. Here are some of our features (newest to oldest!):

? We are now 2 years old! Big congratulations to all the members who have stuck with us for such a long time! 
Can't believe we're already two; cheers to another year of laughs and fun! 

? The Pack has an avatar shop! Well, a rondavel (African hut) to be exact. 
Come get some official ASP avatars and references from our shop, located in the Avatars and Graphics 
forum on WolfQuest! 

? We now have a Visitor account! (Please note: We are the first pack to use a Visitor account, so please 
PM me (Russet)
 if you wish to use it). For more information, look at the bottom of this post, or read at Russet's page. 

? We have a DA group! Feel free to send in art here, even if you're not in the pack
 we'd love to see some fan art! Link is at Russet's page. 

Currently accepting Applications: YES
Currently accepting Affiliations: YES
Visitor account enabled: NO - Will be back up on August 21st, sorry for the inconvenience!


Please listen and respect this post. All things on here are created by Kali, the leader or
 Kiazolo of the pack (if not they have a namenext to them). All things on here are copyright to the ASP.
 Do not use them unless you havasked, as that is stealing. This includes our african theme, as we 
were the first pack to use it (pack created on June 26th, 2010). If you would like to use something 
please PM me (Russet) and ask. Thank you.


~Pack Rules~
Ok I know rules are boring, but please read them. These rules are for WQ and the 
general forum rules only; the roleplay and rules are found in the roleplay areas of our pack website. 
You must agree to all the rules and read them all before joining. Thank you!

The rules of the pack are as follows:
?1. No inappropriate, rude, disturbing or otherwise unneeded comments on WolfQuest or on the website

?2. You must follow all WolfQuest Guidelines (link is found on Russet's page) 

?3. Swearing or cussing is strictly prohibited 

?4. Please be active, post at least twice a week on here and log in at least three time a week 
on the website (if you can't be active, ask for OoA - Excuse for absence)

?5. Respect is key; treat others they way you'd like to be treated

?6. Negativity is frowned upon, as we are a fun-loving pack; please be able to take a joke
 and try not to be too serious all the time ;)

?8. Put ‘Masai Mara’ as your secret answer, so we know you read the rules (secret answer can and will change)

?9. It is advised that you are in less than four packs, but if you still want to join and you're in more, go ahead. 
Just make sure you can be active. 

?10. You will be a Newcomer at first to ensure you can stay active. If you have failed at the task, 
you will be stuck as a Newcomer until you can prove to be active.

?11. If joining, you must be able to partake in some, if not all, pack activities meaning participating 
in contests, meetings, etc. (joining the website is mandatory)

?12. Have fun and enjoy yourself here in ASP!



? 1. Basic Grammar Skills
Basic grammar skills are required. It helps us to all understand what you're saying, and makes everyone's life easier.

? 2. Respect
One thing we pride ourselves on is mutual respect among pack members. This is now a requirement,
 as without respect for ones fellow peers, leaders, etc. then you will not be able to have as much fun 
here in the pack as those who do have respect for each other. All we ask is that you treat others the
 way you would like to be treated. That way, the pack is sure to have a great time on a day-to-day basis.

? 3. Joining our Website is Mandatory
The reason it's mandatory is because many people miss out on important information regarding the pack, 
which is found on our website. Please make sure to join the website after you sign up, and use your characters name; thanks!

? 4. Staying Active is Required
Newcomers must stay active to earn a rank. You must have at least 5 posts on the website, and at
 least two posts on the thread within the week you join, or else you won't qualify for a new rank. 
Activity levels are posted below. Please do not join the pack if you don't have time for it.


?Pack Created On: June 26th, 2010 at 10:36 am
?Pack E-mail: [email protected]
?Character of the Month: Flitwick
?Pack Members: 96
?Males: 41
?Females: 55
?Pack Song: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson:
?Pack Symbol: ?
?Pack Colors: Green, yellow and orange
?Pack Mascot: Ma di Tau "Mother of Lions" from The Last Lions
?Pack Motto: 
Strong as the lion that hunts on the plains,
As loyal as a leopard protecting her domain,
As swift as the gazelle that runs like the wind,
And as great as the hearts that are those within

Made by Crimzen, Tafuria

~Pack Symbols~

= Male
? = Female
OoA = Out of Africa (Excuse for absence)
(Percent) = Kiazolo’s Trust
? = Warning
? = Inactive
? = Semi-active
? = Active
{Username} = Username on WolfQuest, another site which ASP is based in. 


Activity here in ASP has a big impact on the pack. Since we try to strive to have our
 members active, we ask that you stay as active as possible. Here is our activity timeline for 
the members (does not apply to members on OoA):

    Newcomers: You have 2 weeks from when you joined to stay active. If you have gone inactive,
    you will be removed from the pack. 

    Regular Members: You have one week before you are given the inactivity sign. 
    Once you recieve that you will also get a PM regarding your activity. You have two 
    more weeks to attempt to be active, or else you will be removed from the pack.

    Zakas: You have up to two weeks to become active once more. After three weeks, 
    regardless of OoA absence or not, you will be demoted and may not be given the chance 
    to become a Zaka again.

    Pack Friends: You may be as active as you'd like, though if you're leaving WolfQuest 
    or something please let me (Kali) know. We ask that Pack Friends post on the thread 
    every now and then to show they'd still like to be active here.


-------------------------~Pack Ranks~

 ?The Elites? •

? Kiazolo
The Kiazolo is first in command, and always will be. She runs the pack fairly and is easy-going but can 
be strict at times if you don't follow the rules. Her job is to basically watch over the pack, set up contests,
 update the thread, etc. The Kiazolo must be respected, as she controls everything within the pack.
    ? ? Kali (Alpha Female) ? 100% ?= Too many

? Zaka
The Zaka's are second/third in command. They are a good help to the Kiazolo, and help her 
decide things for the pack. The Lead Zaka is known for their trust from the Kiazolo on helping 
guide the pack on the right path. The other Zaka's are just as trusted, though the
 Lead Zaka will take over the pack when the Kiazolo is away.
    Lead Zaka: ? Shadow (shadowwolf966) ? 101% ?= 173 
    ? ? Koa (Koa) ? 126.5% ?= 152
    ? ? Flare (wolf thief) ? 81% ?= 235
    ? ? Granite (GraniteHowl) ? 100% ?= 102
    ? ? Chinook (Sheeba Wolf) ? 96% ?= 81

 ?The Wazimas? •

? Pack Member of the Month
The PMotM is a person who has helped out the Kiazolo and Zakas, is loyal and active,
and always has a positive attitude. This member has earned the placement of PMotM in the
 largest pack currently known to WolfQuest. This is one of the highest honors you can get 
in the pack, and one member will be chosen each month.
    ? PMoTM is:? ? Brine (-Meiko-) ? 26% ?= 85

? Kuangalia
They sit on higher points in the territory or where they can see most of the pack. 
They are the Kiazolo's eyes when she is not there and report back to her about the 
other pack members, problems, etc. They are very secretive about their duty, so
 if you're feeling like your being watched chances are it's true. Be careful, and make
 sure to do your rank properly!
    Lead Kuangalia: ? ? Makini Maisha (Sparkles_Wolf) ? 36% ?= 55
    ? ? Mr. Mundy (Randoven) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Tao Jun (major-threat) ? 5% ?= 20

? Vanator
The Vanators are the hunters of the pack. They will gather other canids and hunt together as a
 team, or by themselves. The Vanators are fast and cunning, plus they know a lot about 
different species of animals and how many canids are needed to take them down. They 
are skilled hunters and have successful strategies for each different animal species.
    Lead Vanator:(Needs to be earned) 
    ? ? Perseus (Rockylolers) ? ?= 20
    ? ? Fritz (rootleg) ? 8% ?= 67
    ? ? Jupiter (N/A) ? 6% ?= 56
    ? ? Nightshade (Blueeclipse) ? 4% ?= 10

? Gaunza
The Gaunzas are the warriors of the pack that help defend the territory and the 
other pack members. They will help the Tafurias when they find a predator, and 
they keep the stranger canids out of the territory. The Gaunzas are very strong and
 bulky canids that normally fight off anything dangerous.
    Lead Gaunza: ? ? Akino (Gingerlite) ? 61% ?= 118
    ? ? Matue (SolitaryPride) ? 25% ?= 23 OoA 
    ? ? Kami (X-DUBA-X) ? 42% ?= 33
    ? ? Sintact (Sintact) ? 9% ?= 45

? Mortendar
The Mortendars are the assassins of the pack; used to back up the Gaunzas 
and Tafurias in fights and to be sent out of the territory to attack other neighboring
 groups. They are strong, normally aggressive canids who have no second thought
 on attacking. These canids are normally found either outside the territory picking
 on other animals or doing their horrendous deeds, or within the territory lurking 
about. It would be best to not be in a fight with a Mortendar.
    Lead Mortendar: ? Darkfur (Winterwolf1) ? 66% ?= 23
    ? ? Ember (Ghost Shadow) ? 6% ?= 20
    ? ? Cole (Paranormal32345) ? 6% ?= 30
    ? ? Snowtail (snowfurwolf) ? 10% ?= 22
    ? ? Dumisani (Jewelz) ? 33.5% ?= 90

? Tafuria
The Tafuria's are fast and agile. They patrol the border of the territory to keep out dangerous animals.
 The Tafuria's do not leave the territory, but instead scout around the inside, warding off any 
dangerous animals. If they do happen to find a dangerous animal, they would either fight it 
off themselves or call the Gaunza's as backup.
    Lead Tafuria: ? Julianna (-x-Rebecca-x-) ? 53% ?= 77
    ? ? Jaysady (Adalae) ? 7% ?= 40
    ? ? Ransom (ngbutcher) ? 35% ?= 12
    ? ? Crimzen (Darkwolf273) ? 38% ?= 42

? Qwazi
The Qwazi's are the healers of the pack. They collect herbs and use them to treat others' wounds. 
The Qwazi's are knowledgeable about plants and animal parts that are used for healing. 
Qwazi's are needed for when fights occur, or when a member of the pack has hurt themselves.
    Lead Qwazi: ? Eagle (eagle123) ? 67% ?= 53
    ? ? Aphrodite (sSilvers) ? 28% ?= 75
    ? ? Kiran (-Kiran-) ? 8% ?= 25
    ? ? Kalan (Kylain) ? 12% ?= 30
    ? ? Silver (Silver_Stream00) ? 45% ?= 50
    ? ? Tannis (kiba wolf fang) ? 25% ?= 35
    -Rank is closed-

? Swala
The Swalas are the pack's explorers. They explore the territory as well as the
 outer edges and don't need the permission of an elite to do so. On their spare 
time, they are known to pupsit and run far distances to give messages to other 
packs from the Kiazolo. The Swala’s are best at finding things since they have memorized the territory like the back of their paw.
    Lead Swala: ? Mezcal (Redsky? 54% ?= 35
    ? ? Kyle (King-ShadowWolf) ? ?= 13
    ? ? Mbwa (Honey wolf) ? 12% ?= 40 
    ? ? Ronix (N/A) ? 2% ?= 20
    ? ? Flitwick (jaguartail) ? 7% ?= 15
    ? ? Kira (belinger8) ? 4% ?= 10
    ? ? Lyikah (Lyikah) ? 6% ?= 20
    ? ? Sizani (Thrive) ? 6% ?= 10
    -Rank is closed-

? Vakooja
The Vakoojas are a unique type of rank only known to be in ASP. They are risk takers in the RP, 
and take many risks when it comes to the pack. In other words, they are very strong-minded,
 almost careless canids. Though that's only half of what they really do. Vakooja's are also spies
 who go about to other websites and whatnot to spy on things outside of the pack. They also keep our alliances and affiliations in order.
    Lead Vakooja: ? Archer (yuli) ? 43% ?= 48
    ? ? Cliff (Rairox) ? ?= 15
    ? ? Meeka (Howleen) ? 46% ?= 75

 The Ndogos •

? Huduma
These canids are the general helpers of the pack. They help out with anything that needs
 doing in the territory and generally fill in any ranks necessary. They might fetch herbs or
 watch pups while the Swalas or Qwazis are away, or help patrol territory or find prey. 
They are a great help to everyone! These canids may also be in this rank because they 
are not sure what rank they would like to specialize in just yet and would like to try them out first.
    ? ? Indiana (S n o L e o p ar d) ? 2% ?= 25
    ? ? Rozzie (Sethos) ? ?= 15
    ? ? Apache Wind (Windripper) ? 14% ?= 70
    -Rank is closed-

? Moja
The Mojas are the canids that are less than two years of age, but over one year. 
The Mojas are either Phias who grew up or canids who found the pack at a young age. 
When you sign up for the pack as a Moja, you may be put in this rank immediately.
    ? ? Mink (N/A) ? ?= 10

? Preydator
This is where members are put if they decide they'd like to be a Preydator and try 
something that is not canid-related. A Preydator, the most unique rank only known to be in ASP,
 is where members may choose to roleplay something other than their character, such as prey or predators.
    -No Preydators yet, be the first!-

? Phia
These are the pups of the pack. They were either found somewhere, strayed onto pack territory or 
were born to the pack. They are treated like pups, and taken care of by the pack members, mainly
 their foster parents or even the Swalas at times. When signing up for the pack, you may sign up as
 a Phia and be put in the rank straight away.
    ? ? Misty (Snowfire11) ? 2% ?= 10
    ? ? Silverwind (N/A) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Kei (Xyrus) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Dakaashi (N/A) ? 12% ?= 10
    ? ? BlazeStar (CocoaMoon) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Xilo (redwolfwolfypeppers) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Amber (Featherly) ? 25% ?= 70

? Madal
The Madals are like the omegas of the pack. They are known for cheering the pack members up 
when they're down, and are a fun-loving bunch. They aren't pups but are sometimes treated like 
one, depending on their personality. They are respected even though their rank is low. Their job is a 
dangerous one; cheering up unhappy canids who can snap isn't too easy.
    ? ? Atlas (Faolan my wolf dog) ? ?= 20

? Newcomers
These are the new members who have joined the pack! They must stay active in order to 
gain their desired rank. All players will be put as Newcomers until they can be active on both 
the thread and website, then they may move up in rank.
    ? ? Fenris (OnePercentSure) ? ?= 5 
    ? ? Sundae (N/A) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Felora (N/A) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Lawliet (wolfyattitude) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Sapphire (N/A) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Rain (SydneyGF) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Alyssa (ben88615) ? ?= 0
    ? ? Shattered (Leopardstar919) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Thorn Paw (Thorn Paw) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Midnight (-Paulina) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Zatanie (Emillia) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Nikê (Bella1998) ? ?= 10
    ? ? Basai (Dark Hawk) ? ? ?=20
    ? ? Vita (firawolf) ? ?= 0


~Pack Friends~
Note: Pack Friends DO count as Pack Members, however they may not participate in 
contests or RolePlay. They may come to Pack Game Nights, but there are some limits of being a Pack Friend.
    ? ? Adaye (Ashbird)
    ? ? Alexander (yujung)
    ? ? Aleta (hopeless dreamer) 
    ? ? Aurora (Fishie) 
    ? ? Crystal (crystaltheglaceon)
    ? ? Darkness (BlackBlood777)
    ? ? Democritus (Unlucky 13)
    ? ? Flurry (-Radiance-) 
    ? ? Glisten (LeaderOfDreams)
    ? ? Kaito (PureBloodVampire)
    ? ? Kaza (Legendary-Taco) 
    ? ? Kipcha (Wolf Gardian)
    ? ? Leotie (SpecialK44239)
    ? ? Mahon (Garion1)
    ? ? Nareik (ethiopianwolflover)
    ? ? Night (BlackWarrior) 
    ? ? Opal (N/A) 
    ? ? Pounce (Patrone) 
    ? ? Reyra (The Timeless One)
    ? ? Ryence (Faite)
    ? ? Siberia (whitetip) 
    ? ? Soran (SoranOfAvalor)
    ? ? Sunset (Fierceclaw) 
    ? ? Talon (SwiftFrost)
    ? ? Xathier (Xathier) 
    ? ? Zephircross (Pippo)

*Note: If your pack topic is locked or you haven't added us to your front post, you will be taken off of our Ally list. 
If no one has posted in your pack for about 3 months, your pack will be taken as abandoned or dead and will be removed. 
Please inform us or the Kiazolo (Kali) about any changes. Thanks!

? Hidden Oasis Pack

? Wolves of The Sahara Desert 

? Bergbau Quarry Pack

? Savage Tempest Clan


-------------------------~Want to Join?~
PM forms to Russet please. When accepted, register on the
 website (Link found on Russet's page). 

Member Application

If you would like to join, please fill out this form (Copy and paste it, and then fill it in. In WolfQuest usernames, if you don't have WQ just put "N/A". 
[b]?[/b] [color=#298717]Username on WolfQuest:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#269016]Canid Name:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#249915]Gender:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#22A314]Canid Age:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#1FAC13]Rank desired (please note: if your canid is under 2 years old, they can only be a Phia or Moja):[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#1DB512]Why you want that rank:[/color]  [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#1BBF12]How active are you (out of 10):[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#18C811]Description of canid:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#16D110]Markings (please be realistic, but you can use other colors like purple, pink, etc):[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#14DB0F]Why would you like to join ASP? ('Just because' isn't considered an answer; doesn't have to be long):[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color] 
[b]?[/b] [color=#11E40E]Secret Answer:[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#0FED0D]Were you invited by anyone?[/color] [color=#FF8000][/color]

[b]Lioness[/b] [i](<--Please leave "Lioness" in your application so we can easily search it up and find it. You may remove these brackets)[/i]


Pack Friend Application 

If you're thinking about joining, but are not sure, come be a Pack Friend. By being a pack friend, 
you're welcome to post on the topic and come onto the website to chat. You cannot RP or enter contests, 
but you can see with 'Pack Life' is like. If you feel like you want to join, go ahead. Please fill out 
this form for becoming a Pack Friend (Copy and paste it, then fill it in.). 
[b]?[/b] [color=#996922]Username:[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#A66E1F]Canid Name:[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#B3731C]Gender:[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#C07819]Why you want to be a Pack Friend ('Just because' isn't an answer):[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#CD7D16]Activity Level (out of 10):[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#DA8213]Secret Answer:[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]?[/b] [color=#E78710]Where you invited by anyone?:[/color] [color=#FFBF00][/color]
[b]Lioness[/b] [i](<--Please leave "Lioness" in your application so we can easily search it up and find it. You may remove these brackets)[/i]

9 years and 11 months ago