Bonus breeds should be sold!

We should have the right to sell our bonus breeds whenever we want.


My promise to everyone who is a part of this:

When we succeed I will give you all a free Belgian!

'But why can't you sell me a bonus breed now?'



How many times have you wanted to pay back a friend with a bonus breed?

Or maybe you wanted to buy a breeding partner for your own breed?

Perhaps you even decided to start breeding a bonus breed of your own?


This group is for those who are ready to put up a fight to sell our bonus breeds. Even if it's a bonus, a Horzer club feature e.t.c., we all want the ability to do so. We are the ones who play Horzer, and therefore should have the right to change it our own way. Our game, our right to make it perfect.


Our goal list:

Have at least 10 members

Have at least 50 members

Have at least 100 members

To have us in the top 100 rankings

To have us in the top 50 rankings

To have us in the top 10 rankings

To be able to sell our bonus breeds


But wait! Susurration has an idea that is much more realistic!

Sus's clever idea is to have a wishlist! Players can put on some items (for example, mine would be a Camargue, some coinz and some hourglasses) and then... players can get things on people's wish lists for them! Provide your feedback below!


Helpful hint 1:

Did you know you can start your own special breed for only 1 premz? Here's how!

-Go to The Cave of Secrets

-Purchase a Lucky Bag bonus

-See if you got a special breed! There are 3 possible breeds you can get.

-If not, you probably got 1 premz, so try again!

-This way, you get coinz, hourglasses e.t.c. as well as the breed of your dreams!


Helpful hint 2:

Want a special breed and don't care if it's non-purebred? This hint is for you!

-Make sure you have a non-purebred mare (preferably 50+ NSI)

-Check out the breeding partners available! Seal's Belgian should be there.

-Choose a purebred special breed, and carry it out!

-When the foal's born, it will be a special breed!


Helpful hint 3:

Did you know some Bonus Breeds can already be sold? I don't know many myself, but post on the wall if you know another one.

-Boer pony

-Holsteiner (thanks Moonlightgirl!)

-French Trotter (Moonlightgirl again!)


Well, what do YOU think about it? Join to start the sales and post what you think on the wall.


Izziebrown's story:

Hi, Freedom1212 is leaving the game and Crown Princess Sara needs a home. Unless her destiny is to die. :'-( How sad is this story? Share this to keep Sara, a Kerry Bog filly, alive and kicking.


Get involved! PM either the_seal_lover or Ruffianfan and tell them in 25 words or less 'What would you do if we could sell bonus breeds?'


And a new competition! Who can think of the most creative way to advertise the group?

PM me or Ruffy with your creative method of advertising! You can make a special poster, a story, anything at all! If you prefer, you can make a group to put up your things. No copying other's work or this competition! This is the first, original version of this competition, and any copies will be reported.


Entries will be judged by Ruffy and Seal. Judging is final.


First place gets first choice of the prize list, second place second choice e.t.c.


Prize list!

-2 premium show equipment sets

-2 grooming sets

-1 breeding to my purebred Belgian Bulletproof (50 coinz)

-1 breeding to my purebred Belgian Thunderstorm (50 coinz)

-1 purebred Boer pony foal (500 coinz)

-1 Landscape of Venus (if you choose this, I will PM you with more details)

-1 406+ cap Hanoverian foal with Gift of the Tornado

-10 of my horses registered in your centre for a week!

-I will invite all my friends (over 100) to the group of your choice!

-A beautiful poster with lots of thought made for your breeder page!

-Horse of your choice trained to 50 NSI!

(again, any copies of the prize list idea will be reported)


Hey! Are you interested in advertising us?

Put us in your signature on the forums, invite your friends and advertise us on your wall! For now, I've done our official ad, but I'd be very happy for any great designers to have a go at making a better one!

Screenshot this one, or contact me to send the link to you.



It's so weird how quiet everything is now...

3 years, 380 h and 2 min ago

Yeah... I’m active on the game, but I’m not exactly doing much because nobody’s here.

3 years, 375 h and 34 min ago

The group welcomes a new member: AliranThigra

3 years, 602 h and 47 min ago
The group welcomes a new member: haleyridesfrank

3 years and 4 months ago
The group welcomes a new member: Gemstar243

3 years and 4 months ago

Suss idea is perfect!

4 years and 4 months ago

thanks for posting on the forum. just to clarify, you can never 'bump' an ideas forum because they're never out of date :p

4 years and 4 months ago

Lol. Np

4 years and 4 months ago

Yeah it's not like we are gonna sell them accidently.

4 years and 4 months ago

Want the wishlist idea to appear on horzer? Vote YES/NO here:

4 years and 5 months ago

Nice idea Susurration. I'll put it up when I have time.

4 years and 5 months ago

*_* yay, if we get enough votes & try to keep it at top of ideas forum they will more than likely add it.

4 years and 5 months ago

Yup! What about writing a PM to all of your friends asking if they can keep bumping it up? Or make a new thread more likely as that ones old.

4 years and 5 months ago

it will just get locked by sneasel, because the idea is already up. lets just keep bumping it :)

4 years and 5 months ago

True. Well I've just gave it a bump! Maybe everytime someone replies, we talk with them about it to keep bumping it.

4 years and 4 months ago

You get a lucky bag & one premz' for 30 days of presence, which is very little time.. Therefore, we've already made 1 premz' towards a bonus breed. But wait, when you first join you get a free premz', we have two!! We can also convert coinz' into premz' every 30 days [starting from 25 days presence], oh great now we have 3 premz' There are many ways to get premz' so we can just earn our on bonus breeds. Just a more realistic thought.

4 years and 5 months ago

But... most newbies spend that first premz straight away because they don't think about saving up. It would be better if we suddenly got 3 premz after our first 30 days.

4 years and 5 months ago

i dont think so.. remember that dreamzer IS a business.. they need money to keep their sites up, and pay their staff. if you aren't willing to pay, you have to earn *_* likewise, it's just a thought.. i posted it to help people. you'd still be left with 2 premz' which can buy you a bonus breed. >_>

4 years and 5 months ago

I know. I'm aware Dreamzer's a business. I started this group quite a while ago simply out of annoyance. I wish it could be realistic, but I know it's a dream. I mainly keep it for the breed related competitions, the Helpful Hints and the fact it is ranked 17th out of all the groups, making it the front page.

4 years and 5 months ago

Yes *_* Guess so, just stating ;o I just thought i had to post it.. because could help some newer players get premz'.

4 years and 5 months ago

I guess so! Sorry the last thing I wrote sounded so snappy. Hopefully newbies read what you said!

4 years and 5 months ago

I still have 2 premz

4 years and 4 months ago

exactly :) everybody can easily hoard premz' :)

4 years and 4 months ago

Ik, but I just spent it on membership XD (( LOL))

4 years and 4 months ago

Seal, Ruffy. I can even have a breeding offer from MY OWN stallion Simba! I can't do ANY breeding offers at all!

4 years and 5 months ago

Wait, something way more annoying! Simba can only breed twice!

4 years and 5 months ago

That's so bad!!! I thought you could so breeding offers! Anyway, do you have a vote on Sus's idea below?

4 years and 5 months ago

having a go at the ad though, can you tell me what u want it to say? thanks x

4 years and 5 months ago

It's all up to you! Basically it needs to have something to do with the group, but I can't help you too much ;)

4 years and 5 months ago

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