Welcome To Helovia Stables Everyone! 

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•The Rules •


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•The Stall's•

Some ask how many stall's we have currently there's over 45 together including extra's. The stall includes water buckets,feed buckets and toy's for the yearlings or other horses to play with . There's hooks on the outside of the stall for blanket't , halter's and lead ropes even supply bags. When you first come in we ask for the horse's name for a name on the stall ingraved on a plack to identify witch horse goes to witch stall. 

•The Arena's•

We currently have 3 arena's , 2 that are outdoor and indoor then anther for dressage. The dressage , barrels poles, ect can be moved into the indoor arena when raining or snowing for more practice .

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•The Pastures•

The pastures are over 100 acres and are checked daily by the ranch hand's for any broken or damaged fencing that may accur. 

The white pasture represents for Mares ,Yearlings and Geldings ONLY and the Black Represents for Stallions ONLY!

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•The Form's•

Name/Nickname: [First ,Middle And Last] 



Identity: [Biography & Personality] 

Competes In: 

Riding Style: 

Romantic Interest: [Sort of a crush] 


Married/Engaged To: 


Horses Owned: 


Theme Song: 

Charter Username: 


•Horse Form•

Registered Name: 



Gender: [Mare,yearling,foal,stallion or gelding] 

Competes In: 


Owned By: 

Charter Username: 


Meet The Rider's Of Helovia 

Name/Nickname: Madlynn Grace Gentry 'Mad,Mads Or Maddy' 

Age: 23 years old 

Gender: Female 


Maddlynn is your average female with a adventurous and funny personality ,

She's quiet when she chooses to be but she's not anti-sociable either.

Madlynn does have a unique and artistic side to her , she likes to paint and draw on her free time when she isn't working at 'The Grill And Smoothie' in town.  She's hard-working and confident about herself most of the time .Madlynn is great at keeping secrets and giving advice with most thing's . She's polite and patient with anybody including children Madlynn does try to always to stay positive and you can usually see her smiling until you push her button's wrongly or if bulling is going on . She's normally laid back and outgoing.  she's normally hard working and determined to get whatever she's doing done that second. Madlynn pushes for her goals and pursews them with ease. She's your average and unique kinda girl with her own style ahead of her . Chaney was taught to not take anything from anybody. Madlynn  from the time that she was 2 until now had horses , her family in Texas broke and trained horses. She had many kind's of horses growing up as a child. When she was 8 years old Madlynn took interest in barrel racing soon enjoying it moving onto competitions . When Madlynn  turned 16 her mother and father divorced she was morely attached to her dad rather then her mother. When Madlynn was 21 she met jesse and they got married divorcing a year later. 

Competes In: Barrel racing,down N back and roping

Riding Style: Western 

Romantic Interest: None yet.. 

Dating: None yet.. 

Married/Engaged To: Was married to Jesse.  

Children: None yet.. 

Horses Owned: Whistling Dixie 

Other: Maddy has a dog named Fly and she used to be 3rd in the world for barrel racing but is still keeping her title for HRA. 

Theme Song: Irresistible- Fall Out Boy

Charter Username: Rodeo_queen56

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Name/Nickname: Jesse Lee Johnson 

Age: 25 years old 

Gender: Male 

Identity: Jesse is your typical average cowboy with a big heart and sweet personality , he's determined and romantic by nature but Jesse is protective over his family and whom ever he may marry again. Sometime's he can have a smart mouth that get's him in trouble but he's charming some way. Jesse know's he's good looking and can attract female's easily, Jesse sometime's can get very jealous if someone mess's with Madlynn, he's a tough guy. Jesse grew up on the road and going into many different cities growing up as his mother passed away and his dad was a drunk truck driver , he learned to take care of himself. When Jesse hit the age of 18 his father dropped him off with his grandmother whom passed when Jesse was 21 years old , learning to deal with the heart ache of his grandmother he met Madlynn , they got married and then divorced a year later. 

Competes In: Bullriding ,trailer loading and bronc riding

Riding Style: Western

Romantic Interest: None yet.. 

Dating: None yet.. 

Married/Engaged To: Was married to Madlynn. 

Children: None yet.. 

Horses Owned: None yet.. 

Other: Jesse sometimes misses Madlynn and he works for her as a ranch hand. 

Theme Song: We Own It- Wiz Khalifa

Charter Username: Rodeo_Queen56 

Name/Nickname: Allison Brent Windchester

Age: 15 years old 

Gender: Female 

Identity: Allison is your hard working and spunky little girl to be 15 years old , She's athletic and clever by nature but sometimes she can get in over her head and get herself into trouble . Allison is hot headed and bold . She's sassy and can be respectful when she needs to be . Allison's parents abandoned her at birth and she was in adoptive homes throughout her life. 

Competes In: Wants to learn to trick ride and barrel race. 

Riding Style: Both. 

Romantic Interest: Gross!

Dating: None yet.. 

Married/Engaged To: Uhh!

Children: Oh come on! 

Horses Owned: None yet.. 

Other: She's fond of Madlynn. 

Theme Song: How bout them cowgirls

Charter Username: Troicstory 



Meet The Horse's Of Helovia

Registered Name: Whistling Dixie 

Nickname: Dix or Dixie

Age: 14 years old 

Gender: Mare

Competes In: Barrel racing,roping and down N back. 

Owned By: Madlynn Gentry

Other: Dixie know's how to open her own stall. 

Charter Username: Troicstory

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