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lovenuepi - Horzer horse breeder

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Overall Ranking: 100th
Reputation points: 262
Certificates: 7/8
Blacksmith in the Destiny Stables center
Founder of the Ephrata Ranch equestrian center
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About Me:

  • I'm a Class of 2020 kid who didn't want to walk or go to prom anyway, so this worked out in my favor.
  • Animal fanatic/owner
    • Bagel -- Berkshire barrow, raised for an FFA project -- RIP 
    • Squeak -- Rex-Satin buck -- my baby
    • Horses are the bestest
  • Independent -- sick of politics
  • LDS -- faith, family, and fur babies
  • Single for LIFE, man
  • Female
  • Farm = heaven
  • Artist (avatar by me)




"People die every day." ~ Neville Longbottom


What a truth. But is the world the same without a person? The rhetorical answer is no. Each individual has something good to offer the world, and if we lose one at a time, then how much more is gone in the long run? There's always more than death as a solution. "The worth of souls is great in the sight of God." Even if you can't think of a single person who would be upset if you died, I promise there is someone out there who would. Don't beat yourself up over the world's expectations. You are a special individual who doesn't need to be put down by stupid standards people set. Be who you actually are and you will feel better about yourself. 

I think if people understood that they weren't the only ones who messed up sometimes, suicide rates would go down. If everyone treated others with respect, bullies wouldn't exist. I know that's not likely going to happen any time soon, but why not help? A ripple only spreads if a single drop starts it going. Let that drop be you. Me. Him. Her. Them. Us. 

I've lost too many people to suicide and war to put up with it any more. I'm going to do something. I hope you do, too.

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Arabian Horse ##STADE## - coat 77
Hanoverian Horse ##STADE## - coat 20
Hanoverian Horse ##STADE## - coat 204
American Paint Horse ##STADE## - coat 80
Standardbred ##STADE## - coat 79
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