Free horse game: Horse shows

This horse game has a real educational component and lets you work on your math skills while having fun!

At the start of this game, you have a draft horse who won't move forward.
The only way to make him take a step forward is to succeed the various math questions that this horse is going to ask you!
You are asked to do additions and subtractions by this horse and at each right answer, the horse will move forward one step.
Watch out because at each mistake, the horse will take a step backwards!
Your goal is to take your horse to the finish line as quickly as possible!

Will your math skills be good enough to take your horse to the finish line?

The Horse shows horse game has already been played 3,605 times since it was added to the Horse games section.
Your score or opinion about this game?

 Abandoned - 7 years and 1 month ago:
  oponet moves when you get one wrong   
 Abandoned - 8 years and 1 month ago:
  Its fun, its a math game. You just need to click the right answer to make your horse move. I'm doing pretty well. Its kinda fun and its always good to practice math   
 Abandoned - 9 years, 307 hours and 8 minutes ago:
  this game sucks   
 Abandoned - 9 years, 436 hours and 39 minutes ago:
  dont get it oponent dosent move   
 Abandoned - 9 years and 1 month ago:
  stupid game   
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