Horse groom

The groom cleans the center and riding equipment.

How many Horse grooms are needed in your equestrian center's workforce?
Make sure you keep a ratio of 1 horse groom for 25 horses to make your center climb the ranking.

The horse grooms of the game

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  • Horse Groom Certificate Answers

    Author: arbor15

    1. What is the name of the metal part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth? The bit 2. Are horse grooms responsible for cleaning the stable? Yes 3. A saddle should always fit a horses back well. True 4. Ideally, how often... Read more

  • Need an active Horse groom

    Author: Amber2610

    Hey ! I need a horse groom who clean horses of the center every days. At the moment an offer is available for 21 days, 70 pieces per day (Paradise Lost Center) If you're active by cleaning and taking care of horses 3 times per virtual day I'll... Read more

  • The Horse groom certificate answers

    Author: Sky666

    Question 1 A groom’s job is relatively physical. True Question 2 In horseback riding, what is a “ring” or “riding stable”? A covered area for working the horses Question 3 Horses have two stomachs. False Question 4 ... Read more

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