Riding instructor

The riding instructor teaches beginners the techniques needed to ride.

How many Riding instructors are needed in your equestrian center's workforce?
Having at least 1 riding instructor per 25 horses will provide the horses of your center having access to certain activities (on sale!).

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  • Riding Instructor Wanted

    Author: haleyridesfrank

    Hello everyone! I am the owner of ~Maple Wood Equestrian Center~ and I need a riding instructor on staff. I currently do not have an offer up for riding instructor so if you are interested please reply to this or pm me (haleyridesfrank). Also it... Read more

  • Riding Instructor looking for a job

    Author: Jnr_Cole03

    Hi everyone im a riding instructor looking for a job.
    Have trained with beginners adavnced and quality top notch show jumpers.
    If you are interested reply ASAP Read more

  • Seeking "Riding Instructor" position

    Author: OleBetsy

    My current contract will be expiring tomorrow. I have earned my Riding Instructor certificate, & will be seeking employment. I am not the type of employee who simply collects their wage without earning it. I welcome you to look me up in my... Read more

  • Riding instructor certificate answers

    Author: Clairebear19

    Question: A riding instructor may have to deal with the purchase of new horses for an equestrian center. Answer: True Question: In its education and learning, what is important for a horse? Answer: To always maintain the same habits and... Read more

  • Riding Instructor Needed!

    Author:  the_seal_lover

    I am looking for a Riding Instructor to work at Destiny Stables on a wage of 65 coinz a day. The job offer is already up.

    Needed urgently so we can continue to take wonderful care of our horses Read more

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Willow Brook Freedom223 1
Destiny Stables  the_seal_lover 1
Pixie Horse Institute Pixieaz 1

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