Group rankings by number of members

To climb in these rankings, invite your friends to join your groups and promote them on the game's forums. You can also ask your members to invite their friends to join your group!
The rankings of the groups highlight the groups with the highest number of members among the 4,156 groups of Horzer.
Group rankings by number of members
Place Group Evolution Members
Hay is WAY too Expensive!   Hay is WAY too Expensive!
 Founder: kia878
 Director: Kitycat88
 0 224
 Founder: brian3521
 Director: lizy13
 0 204
Rescue Ranch  Rescue Ranch
 Founder: babyalice
 Director: cassie2257
 0 123
4 Hay Is Too Expensive Protest!!!  Hay Is Too Expensive Protest!!!
 Founder: Willowpaw
 Director: haleemadison
 0 82
5 Bring Back the Irish Cob  Bring Back the Irish Cob
 Founder: lucycoolgirl5
 Director: lillian3053
 0 67
6 ****Sell Exclusive Breeds****  ****Sell Exclusive Breeds****
 Founder: haleemadison
 0 65
7  we should be able to geld our stallions
 Founder: lanalula
 0 56
8 Arab For Sale and Breeding  Arab For Sale and Breeding
 Founder: 1999zzzz
 Director: Equidae
 0 52
9 Quality Connemaras - Superfurry Breeding  Quality Connemaras - Superfurry Breeding
 Founder: superfurry
 0 44
10 American Paint Fan Club  American Paint Fan Club
 Founder: pandadee
 0 42
11  SpaghettiJunction
 Founder: Stranger
 0 41
12 Bonus breeds should be sold!  Bonus breeds should be sold!
 Founder: the_seal_lover
 Director: Ruffianfan
 0 41
13 Bring Back The Haflingers!!!!!!!  Bring Back The Haflingers!!!!!!!
 Founder: misskitty11
 Director: haleemadison
 0 39
14 Horses For Sale  Horses For Sale
 Founder: haleemadison
 Director: Lovelyhorse10198
 0 39
15 Legend Valley Stables *RP*  Legend Valley Stables *RP*
 Founder: HannahandTex
 Director: willa34
 0 38
16 The Midnight ride  The Midnight ride
 Founder: alfabet
 0 37
17 *Buy \'N Sale Here*  *Buy 'N Sale Here*
 Founder: Sky666
 Director: popcake912
 0 35
18 Famous Horses of the World  Famous Horses of the World
 Founder: Kitycat88
 0 34
19 Player Rides  Player Rides
 Founder: Equidae
 0 33
20 Colour of the Paints  Colour of the Paints
 Founder: Nekoen
 Director: baytown
 0 32