Horse breeder rankings by presence days

The more presence days you accumulate on Horzer, the more your ranking improves.
The overall ranking of breeders on Horzer is determined by several criteria: results in equestrian competitions (number of times in the Top 3), length of time in the game (presence days), number of horses and a breeder's passion ranking.

The passion rankings highlight the breeders who best take care of their horses. These rankings take into account the average health, energy, mood and cleanliness of each breeder's horses.

Other rankings allow you to also see a player's position according to specific criteria: by number of horses, number of times in the Top 3, number of victories in the equestrian competitions, wealth (number of coinz'), number of votes received, or by number of visits received.
Horse breeder rankings by presence days
Place Breeder Country Evolution Seniority
Sneasel  Sneasel
 Majority breed: American Paint Horse
 0 2,539 days
Amber2610  Amber2610
 Majority breed: Standardbred
 0 2,154 days
ReganAdam  ReganAdam
 Majority breed: Menorquin
 0 1,530 days
4 agapegrace  agapegrace
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 1,335 days
5 Dreamzer  Dreamzer
 Majority breed: Appaloosa
 0 1,253 days
6 ruffian7  ruffian7
 Majority breed: Grand noir du Berry Donkey
 0 1,077 days
7 petahh  petahh
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 0 875 days
8 horsesareawesome56  horsesareawesome56
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 791 days
9 gecko319  gecko319
 Majority breed: American Paint Horse
 0 779 days
10 haleyridesfrank  haleyridesfrank
 Majority breed: Tolfetano
 0 754 days
11 the_seal_lover  the_seal_lover
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 698 days
12 sapphiregems112  sapphiregems112
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 0 653 days
13 Izziebrown  Izziebrown
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 623 days
14 haleemadison  haleemadison
 Majority breed: Lipizzan
 0 603 days
15 sakuratale  sakuratale
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 -1 536 days
16 alfabet  alfabet
 Majority breed: French Saddle Horse
 -1 434 days
17 RoxyWolf  RoxyWolf
 Majority breed: Quarter Horse
 -1 430 days
18 TorakRennandWolf  TorakRennandWolf
 Majority breed: Oldenburg
 -1 253 days
19 Gemstar243  Gemstar243
 Majority breed: American Paint Horse
 -1 250 days
20 TianaRose  TianaRose
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 -1 229 days