There are numerous rankings on Horzer that give you plenty of chances to shine: with your horses or breedings (overall or for a specific breed), with your equestrian center and/or the equestrian competitions that you organize, with the groups you're in charge of, with your photos of animals, or simply as a breeder.

Rankings are updated every day and show your position as well as your progression compared to the previous day. Set specific goals for yourself and keep an eye on your daily progression!

Finally, don't hesitate to ask for help from other players in the See the offer.
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General horse breeder rankings

The overall ranking of breeders on Horzer is determined by several criteria: results in equestrian competitions (number of times in the Top 3), length of time in the game (presence days), number of horses and a breeder's passion ranking.

The passion rankings highlight the breeders who best take care of their horses. These rankings take into account the average health, energy, mood and cleanliness of each breeder's horses.

Other rankings allow you to also see a player's position according to specific criteria: by number of horses, number of times in the Top 3, number of victories in the equestrian competitions, wealth (number of coinz'), number of votes received, or by number of visits received.
General horse breeder rankings
Place Breeder Country Evolution Points
ReganAdam  ReganAdam
 Majority breed: Menorquin
 0 720,220
agapegrace  agapegrace
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 522,988
Amber2610  Amber2610
 Majority breed: Standardbred
 0 357,163
4 petahh  petahh
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 0 290,651
5 Angie1985  Angie1985
 Majority breed: Connemara Pony
 0 265,912
6 ruffian7  ruffian7
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 249,017
7 superfurry  superfurry
 Majority breed: Connemara Pony
 0 125,869
8 Stocken  Stocken
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 99,122
9 KylaWillemse  KylaWillemse
 Majority breed: Hanoverian Horse
 0 81,759
10 Freyda  Freyda
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 79,444
11 Championgirl174   Championgirl174
 Majority breed: Holsteiner
 0 66,381
12 SunnyCat789  SunnyCat789
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 51,861
13 Elandas  Elandas
 Majority breed: Cambodian
 0 45,446
14 Hoplock  Hoplock
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 44,919
15 Susurration  Susurration
 Majority breed: Donkey
 0 44,605
16 Lovelyhorse10198  Lovelyhorse10198
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 41,042
17 Sneasel  Sneasel
 Majority breed: American Paint Horse
 0 40,961
18 Troyan_Empire  Troyan_Empire
 Majority breed: Akhal-Teke
 0 40,667
19 the_seal_lover  the_seal_lover
 Majority breed: Arabian Horse
 0 38,196
20 123456trinity  123456trinity
 Majority breed: Holsteiner
 0 36,388